What To Blog About Online

Alright suppose you know how to start a blog, but you have yet to decide on what to blog about… what do you do?



fyi: if you happen to not know how starting a blog works, then you can easily find out by following my lesson on how to start a blog.


Knowing what to blog about is essential to your blogging career. Before you can begin the actual blogging process, you first have to have an idea of what you are going to blog about.


The best way to figure out what you can or should blog about, will be to come up with a few blogging ideas. This should come very easy for you, because there are literally thousands upon thousands of things that one can blog about.


But what doesn’t come so easy is confidence, and the will to push forward. Sometimes we as bloggers are a bit afraid of just stepping out on that limb, so we choose to do nothing at all, thus coming up with no blogging idea, or even trying to do so, for that matter.


So confidence is very important to you as a blogger, and you need to understand that the things that frightens us should actually be the things that strengthens us – so let your fears in blogging be your strengths in blogging.


Now that we have confidence and strength, let’s move forward…


While there may be thousands of things to blog about online, there will however only be a few things that will apply to you. So your blogging ideas will and have to be personal.


This is just a quick note… I just wanted to inform you that when I say the words blogging idea and or blogging ideas, it also refers to what is known as a niche, or a blog topic. I just felt the need to express that notion, if you already knew that then great, but I still had to make it clear.


OK, moving on…



4 Ways To Come Up With Blogging Ideas


Here are some ways to come up with ideas for your blog.


  • 1. Search through a search engine like Google, visit Google’s, website and type in an activity that you may know of, and read through a few of the search results. If you are drawing a blank on activities right now, then check out this list by care.com. It says for kids but it’s for grownups as well.


  • 2. Think of some of your hobbies. Some people like to hit the slopes (skiing), some people like to run the 5k, some people like to ride the ocean waves, some people like to go sky diving, some like bungee jumping, etc. Just name yours.


  • 3. Go off of experience. What are some of the things that you have experienced in your lifetime that stands out to you. Maybe you won a little league trophy as a kid, and now your own kid has one. Maybe you’ve climbed a couple of mountains before, maybe Mount Evans was no challenge for you.


  • 4. Use your education. If you have knowledge, skills or even a college degree in a certain field or two, you could use that to your advantage. For instance, if you have a bachelors degree in business administration, then you are undoubtedly knowledgeable in this field.



Use these tips for ideas to help you determine what your blog should be about. Once you have figured out some of the activities you can search for, or some of your hobbies, or some of your experiences, or your education, and have come up with a few good ideas, it’s time to narrow it down to only one blog topic.



4 Ways To Choose A Blogging Topic


Here are some questions to ask yourself before determining if a blogging idea is the right one for you. Match these options to your niche topic.


  • 1. Does the niche, or aka blogging idea excite you?
  • 2. Does the idea seem to help others in some way?
  • 3. Is there room for growth & expanding?
  • 4. Do you have knowledge and experience in the field?



If you answered yes to all of these questions, and you were able to find a niche that was suitable for you during your search for an idea of a blogging topic, then you now know what to blog about.


In case you got stuck and was unable to choose just one niche, then you can break things down a bit further by weighing your two, three or more options, assuming that you are juggling 2,3,4 or more niche choices.


Let your ultimate choice come down to determining which one (1) out of all of your choices stands out the most to you. You can figure this out by re-matching the “4 ways to choose a blogging topic” to each niche choice… and whichever one that packs the most punch (stands out the most, or has more advantage than the others) should be the one for you.


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