What Is A Key word Used For

What is a key word and what is it used for exactly? Lots of people ask this question after blogging for a short amount of time. Even I myself had to ask this question in the past, so let’s go over this.


Wanting to know about keywords and asking questions on how it works or how it’s specifically used is a very important part of blogging online. Alright enough talking, let’s go.



What Is A Key word


A keyword in the world of search engine optimization is a word or phrase that has value to both the person and search engine that’s focused on the keyword. For instance if the person (blogger) is focusing on a keyword like “affiliate marketing”, and the search engine (Google) is focusing on the same keyword then they both have to meet in the middle, but not without both parties first doing each of their parts.


Here is what the blogger has to do:


  • Start a blog or website
  • Research a keyword (popular or not)
  • Place the keyword onto his/her site


Here is what Google has to do:


  • Provide a way for people to find things (a search engine)
  • Save people searches to its databases
  • Find a blogger’s site that matches the search (keyword phrase)




What Is A Key word Used For


When I think of a keyword being used I think of bloggers wanting organic traffic. Because that’s really the point of using a keyword, it’s to bring in the kind of traffic that you never have to pay a single dime for, because it’s free. The free traffic, or organic traffic that you will be receiving will come from search engines like Bing and Google.


Search engines scan the whole entire web for blogs and websites that are targeting a certain keyword, meaning that the person behind the site (the site’s owner) is sending out a signal to the search engines saying “hey I want to be indexed for this key word”, it is then the search engine’s job to find said site and also to find the keyword, and then index the site based on the keyword that is being targeted.


Some words of caution: Indexing and ranking takes time on the search engines part, being that so many things have changed with the whole keyword targeting and ranking idea, but it still works it just takes a little more time to be ranked than it once did due to so many spammers and not to mention all of the competition – people that have been on page 1 or 2 of search engine results for years is going to make it near impossible to reach a page 1 or page 2 but who knows, only time will tell right?


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