Things To Know About Duplicate Content In SEO

This lesson talks about how duplicate content affects your seo and what you can do about it to stop it and prevent it from happening in the future.


If you’ve been blogging for a while now, you already know what content is of course, I’m referring to written content such as a blog post, but what some of the new bloggers may not know is that there are thieves on the web that will duplicate the content on your blog and claim it as their very own content.


That’s right, thieves will steal your blog posts and claim that they were the one’s that originally wrote it.


If someone uses your content in any way they are supposed to give you the credit for it, because it is your property that they are using, but a thief is of course out to steal and undermine everyone they come across. And the blogging posts that you write and post online are no exceptions.



Why Do Thieves Steal Content


Thieves steal bloggers content because they are too lazy and conniving to even attempt to do something for themselves, they would much rather let honest people like you do all of the hard work and steal whatever is needed from your blog.


Another reason thieves steal is because they can utilize your content to boost their cheesy website in the ranks. If search engines such as Google and Bing thinks that the thief wrote a blog post that you actually wrote, and the post was actually great, the thief now looks good in the eyes of the search engines, and the more content he steals from you and other bloggers like you, the more he ranks, therefore the higher he climbs the search engine results ladder. Before you know it he may be ranked on page 1 of Google thanks to your content.



How Is Content Stolen


Content is stolen in a few different ways but the main way is through the use of RSS (Rich Site Summary).


Manually – Content is sometimes stolen manually, by a thief visiting your blog then copying and pasting your content over to their very own blog.


Scraping – If you check your website statistics latest visitor stats in your cpanel you will notice that there are a lot of bots that scrape your site, be careful of this because some of the bots are malicious and out to steal the content that you produce.


RSS Feeds – If you are using the wordpress platform then every time you write a blog post it goes to an rss feed that stores it, and since rss feeds were made to deliver readers your content, thieves can easily get it and manipulate the writing a little to make it appear original and stamp their marks on it.



What Professional Bloggers Do


Veteran bloggers don’t have to worry about their content being stolen, in fact they encourage people to reuse their content, of course they’re hoping that people use it in the right way but in case someone does attempt to use the veteran blogger’s content in a malicious way such as claiming it as their own, the search engines will ignore the thief and favor the veteran blogger instead.



Why Do Search Engines Favor Veteran Bloggers?


Well, when it comes to the search engines deciding who created the original content, between a thief that has little to no content at all on his blog, and a veteran blogger that has well over 60 blog posts, it is quite evident who the search engines are going to favor… the veteran blogger of course, plus the veteran blogger has a certain level of authority, which means that she is a trusted authority figure while the thief is a con just trying to get ahead as fast as he can without putting any work into anything.



How To Spot & Catch A Thief


To find out if someone is stealing your content and claiming it as their own, you can do quite a few things, such as the following:


  • Google Alerts
  • Copyscape
  • Google Search



Google Alerts – Use Google alerts to stay updated on what’s currently being published and see if any of the posts are similar to your work. Visit Google alerts | follow this link


Copyscape – Use copyscape to check for any kind of plagiarism of any of your work, just type in the name of your site plus the article / post title and copyscape will bring back any related results they have found on the web. Visit Copyscape | follow this link


Google Search – Use the Google search box to check for duplicates of your work, since Google scans the web 24 hours a day it can possibly spot a duplicate post if it’s in their search query. Visit Google search | follow this link



How To Prevent Future Thefts


The safest and quickest ways to stop future theft from happening are to try these methods:


  • 1. Contact the thief personally and ask him to take your content down from his site, also warn him that if he steals any of your content again you will take further action. This alerts the thief that you know of his theft and warns him not to try it again.


  • 2. If perhaps simply being nice and contacting the thief doesn’t work, as it usually doesn’t, you can always contact his web hosting company and file a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act ) complaint with them, and explain to them of his theft, this usually works pretty well.


  • 3. There is another DMCA complaint that you can also file and this time it will be with whom he needs the most, and that is Google. Once you prove to Google that you’re the original owner of the content, the thief content will immediately be taken down, and if he continues to do this he will be banned from Google for life, which means that he can never forge another post and be ranked for it by Google. You can also do this with Bing and Yahoo.



Hopefully this lesson has informed you about theft, how it’s done and how you can prevent it.





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