SEO Tips And Training

Today I’ll be going over some SEO tips and training techniques that will undoubtedly get your site noticed and ranked in the search engines.



If you’re new to the world of SEO, which is short for “Search Engine Optimization”, then hopefully getting to know and understand these SEO tips will help you out with your website or blog.



10 Great SEO Tips



Tip# 1: Always bring fresh content

Tip# 2: Use A CMS (Content Management System)

Tip# 3: Do on-page SEO

Tip# 4: Do off-page SEO

Tip# 5: Do Article Submissions

Tip# 6: Do Site Submissions

Tip# 7: Do Guest Blogging

Tip# 8: Use only relative keywords

Tip# 9: Keep keyword usage to a minimum

Tip# 10: Remove dead weight



Now that we have gone over all of these great tips, let’s now do some proper training to see how to use and incorporate each one into your site.



SEO Training



Tip#1 – The phrase that everyone is using “Content Is King” is 100% correct! Content literally speaks for itself, the more quality content you produce, the more acknowledged your site becomes in seo by both readers and search engines. So post great content often.


Tip#2 – Use a cms content management system such as wordpress (of course) for seo purposes. For the most part, wordpress comes seo ready, all you have to do is tweak a couple of things here and there, and that’s it. For instance, if you are just installing wordpress, you probably want to locate the Settings tab and go to Permalinks and change the “Common Settings” from Plain to Post name.


Tip#3 – On-page seo happens when you link to your own material within your blog. It’s sort of like giving yourself a backlink and recommending yourself, except it’s not as effective as a link from someone of higher status recommending you with their link, but it still works… just in a smaller way.


Tip#4 – Off-page seo consists of doing things that enhances your seo score while being off of your own web pages or site. Doing things like getting backlinks from other bloggers and entrepreneurs that are in your same category.


Tip#5 – Get back into the habit of submitting articles to article directories. Write an informative article and submit it to one or more of your favorite article directories.


Tip#6 – Something not a lot of people talk about anymore, is site submission. Submitting your site to search engines and web directories still happens to be both credible and efficient.


Tip#7 – Perhaps the most traditional and effective technique’s in seo, guest blogging will always play a major role in helping you to get your site noticed, indexed and ranked.


Tip#8 – Use only keywords that are relative to your site’s niche. For instance do not use any keywords from the health insurance niche, when your niche / topic is about polar bears.


Tip#9 – Don’t spam and overuse your keywords. Don’t add your keyword to a page over 20 times, especially if the page is only a few hundred lines of text. Keep keyword usage to a low percentage and keep the writing flowing.


Tip#10 – Delete and remove any bad links, any broken links, etc., these type of links need to be removed and replaced with actual working links. Bad links only slow down your page’s load time, which is a bad sign in seo. So get rid of any negative links, thus making your pages load faster and become more productive.



Take advantage of each one of these tips and use it within your own site. Good luck with your seo.


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