Scam: Make Money Online Sellers

Today, we’re talking about a scam. In this lesson, I will be going over how to spot fraudulent sellers, and crappy make money online products.



While there are millions if not billions of products being sold everyday online, not all of those products are good ones.


What I’ve come to finally understand about the products that are being sold in the make money online category, is that most of them turn out to be crap wrapped up in a box, with a shiny bow on top.



Fraudulent Sellers


With all of the fraudulent people, and fraudulent products online these days, you don’t know who to trust, which product to buy, which product you’d like to try and become an affiliate for yourself, and so forth.


A fraudulent person is 100% committed to the fraud, their goal is simple – it’s money. They’re willing to try every trick in the book, in order to get this money. They don’t care about your desperate situation, your feelings, your wants, your needs, etc. Your story means absolutely nothing to them. They just need for you to spend your money on that hot product they’re selling.


How a fraudster thinks:


  • You (the buyer) are never going to use the product anyway, so who cares, and why should you care that it doesn’t work?


  • These products come 12 a dozen, you should be used to being scammed by online sellers that are selling these types of products by now.


  • It’s a cheap online product, get over it. It’s not like you’re paying $10,000 or something. A monthly $97 bucks or a one time fee of $497 won’t hurt you.


Listing all of a fraudster’s thoughts could go on forever of course, but let’s just leave it at that for now. Let’s look more into their actions.


How a fraudster operates:


In actuality, there are (2) kinds of fraudsters, one is the “Rich Fraudster”, often a product owner, and the other one is the “Broke Fraudster”, more than likely an affiliate of the Rich Fraudster’s product.


Each individual has their own way of conning people. Let’s see how it’s done.



First up is the Rich Fraudster


A rich fraudster has a little bit of money to work with, he’s no millionaire, but he’s hoping… that you make him one. However, for now, he has somewhere around $100,000 to $250,000 to play with.


His job is to trick you with glitter and gold. He will often use tactics such as:


  • Show you the inside of a very expensive Mansion, and tell you that “my product got me this mansion, and it can get you your own mansion too!”.


  • Show you a fancy fast car, such as a Lamborghini, and say to you “my product got me this Lamborghini, and it can get you a Lamborghini too!”.


  • Show you an expensive Yacht, and say “my product got me this Yacht, and it can get you a Yacht too!”.



I know what you’re thinking, is any of this real? Is he really living this type of lifestyle? How did he get so rich? So many questions, right?


I’m sure you’ve heard of a get rich quick scheme by now? If by any chance you have not, I’m about to show you how they really work… and no, it’s (a get rich quick scheme) not for the poor.



Here’s how it’s done (Breaking The Magician’s Code)


This is how they pull it off…



Step 1) Beg, borrow and steal.


The first thing he has to do is come up with the money. I don’t know where he’s going to get it all from, but the majority of it will come from family and friends, in the form of a loan. His promise is to pay them back with interest once he actually becomes rich off you.



Step 2) Meet and greet.


His next move, after he’s begged for the money, is to meet with other crooks, if he doesn’t already know them, and discuss how they all can make a quick buck from the con (the product).



Step 3) Set an action plan.


Once he has the money in hand, and the rest of gang formed… it’s time to set up an action plan – who will do what, how it will be done, and so forth.



Step 4) Product development.


Once the money is there, the crew is in place, and the action plan is set, it’s time to have the product developed by a computer programmer.



Step 5) Product placement.


This is the final step. To place the product that the computer programmer just developed, online. Where to place the product used to be quite simple… put it on Clickbank. However, now that Clickbank is trying to crack down on these sort of schemes, other affiliate marketing networks will have to do.


Networks like: Jvzoo & Clicksure is where to go now. At least for now… that is of course until they too start cracking down on these type of schemes.


I’m not saying that affiliate networks such as Jvzoo and Clicksure don’t have its share of great affiliate marketers and products, but I am saying that It is so hard to find a decent product on there, that most buyers simply turn away when you refer them to a product on these networks.



Let’s review


Now it is time to break down everything about the Rich Fraudster, everything from his budget to the truths behind his myths and schemes.



Budget Breakdown at $250,000


  • $150,000 – The first amount goes to product development, or in other words, the money goes to the computer programmer that develops the product that he (the fraudster) will be selling.


  • $50,000 – The next lump sum goes to that fabulous Yacht, that extraordinary Mansion, and that beautiful Lamborghini. You didn’t really think he owned those things did you? These items were all rented for a day, and sometimes just a few hours out of the day.


  • $50,000 – The remainder has to go to his crook buddies for advertising expenses, as these are the guys that will set up accounts online, such as Youtube accounts that has only one to two videos about the product creator, and how brilliant he is, how productive the product is, and how rich it has made them. The video title will be something like “how I make money online with affiliate marketing” or “how to become rich and powerful”, or something along those lines, but of course it’s all an act – think of what a paid actor does on television.



The myths


Here are some of the tales he just told, and the ways I will be discrediting each one going down the line…


  • Myth #1 – He owns these luxurious possessions (the car, boat, house).
  • Truth – He never owned any of these luxurious items, he was only renting it for the day, so he could shoot his “hey look at me I’m rich” video.


  • Myth #2 – His product is making him rich.
  • Truth – He never had a single dime until his family and friends loaned him the money. He never even had a product until the computer programmer developed it for him. He didn’t create his own product, he hasn’t even used the product before, so he doesn’t even know if it’ll work.


  • Myth #3 – His product will make you rich.
  • Truth – If you buy the product from him, you will be presented with information that will ultimately make you a very rich individual. Hm, but if the product has never been tried and tested by anyone, then how could this statement ever be considered true? Simple, none of it is true at all.



And these are just some of the many expensive tricks that the rich fraudster uses to lure people in with, keep your eyes peeled for anything suspiciously relative to the ones we covered here.



Next up, comes the Broke Fraudster


A broke fraudster has no money at all, and will often try to refer you to the “rich fraudster’s” product, although he himself hasn’t tried the product, nor does he know of anyone that has. He is a puppet of the middlemen – the advertising crooks that the rich fraudster hired.


The advertising crooks found him (the broke fraudster) through a spam email they sent out to him and everyone else that was on their list of people who don’t know them.


That spam email probably went something like this:


Start Spam Email —


[ Tired of your day job? Tired of your boss pushing you around like you’re his kid? Want to learn how to start a blog and make money blogging? Want to become rich beyond your wildest dreams??? What about without ever lifting a finger to do it??? Do you want this all done for you on autopilot??? If you said yes to all of these questions then you’re absolutely ready to tell your boss those 2 magical words… “I quit!!!” click here to quit your job now!!! ]


— End Spam Email


This crappy email caught the eye of the wannabe, so he reached out to the advertising crooks to see if he could join in and be a part of it all. They explained that they would coach him for free of charge, as to how to lure customers in, and that he needs to sign up as an affiliate for the product, which anyone can do, so nothing special there, but to the broke fraudster, it means he’s in.


So he now feels that he’s part of the team, he will begin to contact the advertising crooks from time to time asking silly questions, such as “do you have any special banners for your special sellers?” “is it possible for me to get a raise in my affiliate commissions if I bring lots of customers?”, and so on. He has no clue that the advertising crooks are just using him.


Let’s now get down to some tricks that this broke wannabe might try to use.



His job is to trick you with no money, he will often use tactics such as:


  • Showing a stack of money on Youtube, and explaining that you can make this type of money if you only had this product (the product he’s referring).


  • Showing pictures of himself standing next to a fancy sports car, then showing himself seated inside.


  • Showing you a video of himself walking up to the door of a fantasy home.


  • Showing you still images of large check amounts (sometimes in the amounts of ten’s of thousands of dollars).



I know what you’re thinking… why on earth would I ever fall for such cheap firecracker dud tricks?


While on paper this seems easy enough to figure out, but everyday more and more people are falling for it.


So in the real world, if the broke fraudster has the perfect layout at the right time, and he is preaching the right words, he may just get you to buy that product after all.



Here’s how it’s done (Breaking The Puppet’s Code)


I consider him a puppet because he is just dying for someone to manipulate his every move.



Step 1) Find a Rich Fraudster.


The first thing he has to do is find a rich fraudster with a new product to sell, either through spam email or otherwise. He doesn’t know of anyone that has tried the product, nor does he care.



Step 2) Sign me up.


His next move, after he has found a rich fraudster that he idolizes, he then has to sign up as an affiliate for his hero’s product.



Step 3) Set up Youtube


Once he has found a rich fraudster with a product, and signed up as an affiliate, it is time for him to start up a Youtube channel that promotes the product. See unlike the advertising crooks that the rich fraudster hired personally, the wannabe is just a bottom-feeder.


That’s it. All he can do now is hope that someone falls for his simpleton marketing tactics, so he can finally make some money and be proud of himself.



Let’s review


Now it is time to break down everything about the Broke Fraudster, everything from his budget to the truths behind his myths and schemes.


Budget Breakdown at $0


The broke fraudster is just a wannabe he has no budget.



The Myths


Here are some of the tales he just told, and the ways I will be discrediting each one going down the line…


  • Myth #1 – He got his stack of money from product sales.
  • Truth – He has yet to sale one product, so the money actually comes from his income tax refund, as this is the time most non-rich people have a lot of money, or it’s his friends money, and he’s literally temporarily holding it just long enough to make his Youtube video. Besides all of that, this has con written all over it, what professional person shows someone a stack of money? Do you see the executives of Netflix online flashing cash? Not at all.


  • Myth #2 – He owns a fancy sports car.
  • Truth – Notice how he can stand next to the car, he can sit inside of it (only with the door open), but you never see him driving it. That’s because he seen a guy that had a fancy car, so he asked the guy could he pose with the car.


  • Myth #3 – He owns a fantasy home.
  • Truth – You can see him walking up to the door of the home, or see a picture of the home, but you will never see him inside of this house, because the actual homeowner has already alerted authorities that some strange guy with a camera is out front of their home.


  • Myth #4 – He has made 10’s of thousands of dollars.
  • Truth – Anyone can print a fake check these days. It can be done right in your own home. One can easily type up a company (Clickbank, Google, etc), input their name, put a large amount on it and so on. It means absolutely nothing.


Even though the broke fraudster has not a penny to his name, he is an ambitious predator. He is not going to stop with just the weak tactics you see here, as he is always coming up with more ways to convince you to buy the rich fraudster’s product, so keep your eyes open.



In Closing


I hope this has showed you how to spot a deceitful person, better known as a fraudster in this story, that’s completely out to cause you harm, and how to also spot some of their many tricks that they will often try to pull.


What tricks have people like this tried to pull on you, and what tricks are out there now that you feel are being pulled on innocent folks?


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