Reviewing Article Directories (do it still bring traffic)

Alright, so I’ve been reading about article directories being out of style for a few years now, but the question is, does it still bring in traffic or is it dead weight as they claim?



Is Article Marketing Dead


Everyone seem to have turned against article directories nowadays, especially since Google’s Panda update that sent almost every directory in the field tumbling down.


The more I experiment with these types of directories, the more I am seeing little to no results, it seems that things have changed, but not by much. I have used article directories in the past and even then it wasn’t a big hit with traffic. So I have to say that, in my marketing experiences article directories aren’t going to bring you a huge amount of traffic anytime soon. Furthermore, the traffic that article directories once brought in are now even less than before, due to Google’s Panda.


If I haven’t yet answered the question of “is article marketing dead” then I guess I will plainly say it here: No, article marketing is not dead as of yet, but it does seem to be going out of style a little more each year, so sometime in the near future you can expect for it to be actually “Dead”.



Will I Still Use Article Directories


I’m still using it right now, and plan on using it in the future, for as long as it’s around I am going to use it, I really don’t care what guru 1 and guru 2 have to say about it.


The gurus are always saying not to use any article directories because it is a waste of time and Google does not index it as much as it used to.


I say you yourself should be the judge and decide if it’s right for you or not, you should at least try it out and see if you like the results that it brings you, don’t just follow along with the gurus and everyone else that are taking the gurus word for it, before ever trying it out for themselves – dare to be different…. use article directories anyway.



In Conclusion


As you have now learned, article directory traffic still exist but it is slowly declining as time progresses, less and less people are using article directories nowadays and search engines such as Google are indexing these directories less and less, therefore producing less traffic to your website or blog.


This information that you are now armed with, may or may not persuade you to use article marketing anytime soon, or perhaps ever, but I had to inform you on how it all has changed and is continuing to change. I also wanted to add that you never know what you could be missing out on unless you give it a try, remember what doesn’t work for everyone else may just work wonderfully for you. At least that’s my take on things, and that’s why I am going to continue to use article directories for building traffic back to my blog.


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