Why You Should Build A Small Website Or Blog

In these times everyone wants to start out at the top with the large recognizable site, but truthfully not everyone should take that route, most people need to start small.


At least 96% of people that are starting a blog or creating a website for the first time should not be aiming for big and fast, they should instead stick to small and steady.


If you don’t know how to create a blog and want to learn how to then you should read this lesson that explains how to do so: how to start a blog


Taking on too much too quickly can become very complicating very quickly. I myself think that I have taken on one too many big projects as of now, this blog that you are reading right now is a big project that I am working on and as you can see it has a lot of different categories, like: affiliate marketing, blogging, seo, etc. I started this blog out big, I wanted it to be a big blog so that it would cover a lot of different topics as I mentioned earlier, because I wanted people like you to be able to learn and understand every aspect of digital & online marketing. I myself did not find all of these categories covered back when I was trying to become an online success, and that’s why I am teaching it all to you now.


While I admit that I probably should have started this blog out a little smaller, I don’t however regret having a variety of categories on my blog that teaches you different parts of being successful online. I think that the only thing that I honestly did wrong was to try to go big and had no way of backing anything up.


What I meant by not having a way to back anything up, was that I started creating the site with these big ideas inside my head, I pictured the site to reach somewhat of 100k views monthly after the first 3 months of me taking it live… yeah I was one of those people that wanted things in a big way, and I wanted it now not later. So I laughed at the thought of starting a small site, I just couldn’t see myself starting out at such a low level, but the truth is, I ended up starting out small anyway, and fell even further behind.


It took me years to get around to the actual launch date of this blog, and it took me all this time because I was thinking too big too soon, when I should have just kept things small and simple. I wrote most of my articles over a year ago, but wasn’t able to launch any of them until recently – about 2 months ago as of now. The reason it took me more than a whole entire year to write the articles was because I was still trying to learn as much as I could about this industry and I wanted my articles to be 100% perfect. So each time I started a new article I would feel like it wasn’t good enough, so I would learn some more, and then I would start working on a whole new article, – this would go on for months at a time.



I can’t tell you how many times I now wish that I would have been thinking in long-terms instead of focusing so hard on the here-and-now effect. To be honest, the here and now way of doing things only leads you to having to wait even longer, and work even harder later, because while I was focusing on making things happen the fast way and starting out big, I actually did neither of these things for the next 5 plus years due to something called fear, and another thing called procrastination. These are the two deadliest things that one can come across.


Now I realize that if you’re not a millionaire, then starting small is not just the only way to go, but it’s also the best way to go. Because it decreases the level of procrastination and takes the fear away from you failing. Think about this, if you start small then your expectations will be small, but if you start big then your expectations will of course be big, and this type of expectation almost always upset you.


So think long-term and start small, you can grow later.


If you want a real case scenario you can watch as I build and grow a blog that I named nextwaveblogger.com. Yeah, that’s what I do in my spare time, I come up with odd domain names and try to make something out of them, so if you are serious and still want to see first hand how to start a blog small, from scratch then keep an eye on this little beauty as it goes from small potatoes to a garden of vegetables.


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