How To Make Money Fast Online For Free

How to make money fast online? This is a never ending question, everyday people ask this question, and while there are probably 1million ways this can be done, this lesson will show you some of the best ways to do it.


I am going to show you 3 quick ways to make money fast online, and the best part of this is… it’s free.



1. Sell Web Hosting


Let your web hosting services pay for itself by becoming an affiliate for your favorite web hosting company.


Type of Seller: Affiliate Marketer

Skill Level: Basic


If you are running your blog or website on your own, meaning that it’s not hosted on Google’s Blogger platform or WordPress’s free version of WordPress, which is, then you are already familiar with how paid web hosting services work, but you probably didn’t know that some people are earning an income through their hosting, they may have even earned money through you – and here’s how they are doing it.


How It Works


The operation of affiliate marketing for a web hosting company is quite simple, just follow these steps:


  • Step 1: Visit the web hosting service company that you are using right now, type in their web address, from inside your browser and find their affiliate page, which is often at the bottom of their website.


  • Step 2: Find their affiliate form and fill it out, which will probably be a link that says “want to partner with us?”, or something along those lines.


  • Step 3: After filling out the form and being accepted, you are now one of their affiliates, and you can now promote their web hosting services on your own blog or website and start making money.



Questions You May Have


Let’s go over a few of the questions that you may be thinking of.


Q: Is Everyone Accepted Into The Affiliate Program


Well no. No affiliate program is going to accept everyone, but in order for the average web hosting company to decline someone’s request to become an affiliate for them, you would have to be negligent somehow in their opinion. However, being that this is your very first request, you should be good to go.


Q: I’m Not Using Any Paid Hosting Do I Qualify


You can become an affiliate for almost any web hosting company that has an affiliate program, so the answer is yes.

So if you’re on Blogger or, you can still find a web hosting company online and become a seller for them.


And even if you are not on Blogger or WordPress, you can still promote any web hosting services that you’d like. In some cases you don’t even have to have a website or blog on the web at all.


Q: How Many Hosts Can I Sell For


You can sell for as many web hosting companies as you would like. There is no cap on how many hosting companies you are allowed to sign up with.



5 Mainstream Web Hosting Companies


Here are 5 of the major web hosting companies that allows you to become an affiliate and make money with their web hosting services.


1. Hostgator


Become a seller for hostgator.

Hostgator Affiliate | visit page


2. Bluehost


Start selling for bluehost.

Bluehost Affiliate | visit page


3. Justhost


Become a justhost seller.

Justhost Affiliate | visit page


4. Dreamhost


Start selling for dreamhost.

Dreamhost Affiliate | visit page


5. GoDaddy


Signup today with Godaddy.

Godaddy Affiliate | visit page


Seller Tips


  • You can be a seller for more than just one web hosting company.
  • Your pay could increase depending on how many sales are made.
  • Only deal with trusted web hosting companies.



2. Sell Your Website


If you have a website that is no longer of any use to you, then you could sell it to someone else.


Type Of Seller: Entrepreneur / Private Seller

Skill Level: Basic


An established website can bring you a lot of money if you were to sell it to the right buyer at the right time.


How It Works


Selling a website is fairly easy, especially if the website has a lot going and is making money. Just follow these steps:


  • Step 1: The first thing is for you to have an existing site on the web. You can either build it yourself or have someone else do it for you.


  • Step 2: Before selling the site you would need to have it established and loaded with excellent content.


  • Step 3: Find somewhere to sell your site, usually a third-party network that connects a website owner with a website buyer.



Questions You May Have


Let’s go over a few of the questions about selling your website.


Q: How do I get my own website


There are two ways that you could go about getting your own website, one way would be to hire a professional web developer & designer to put together your site for you, another way is to learn how to build a website or start a blog on your own.


Q: What makes a website sell  


There are many elements that make a website desirable, such as the following:


  • 1. The domain name (age, title, etc.)
  • 2. SEO links
  • 3. Articles or blogs posts
  • 4. SEO position (first page of Google)
  • 5. Lots and lots of traffic


Q: How long will it take to make the sale


Selling a website is a game of patience, you could sell your site anywhere from 1 day to 365 days, depending on the demand for your site, or how much money and traffic your site is bringing in monthly.



5 Places To Sell A Website


Here are five of the best website marketplaces to sell your site with.


1. Flippa


Sell your website on flippa.

Flippa Marketplace | Sell A Website


2. Sedo


Place your site on Sedo.

Sedo Marketplace | Sell A Website


3. Afternic


Sell your site on Afternic

Afternic Marketplace | Sell A Website


4. Digitalpoint


Put your website on the digitalpoint forum.

Digitalpoint Marketplace | Sell A Website


5. Websitebroker


Sell your site through websitebroker.

Websitebroker Marketplace | Sell A Website



Seller Tips:


  • You only get to sell your website once so try to extract as much money as you possibly can from the deal.
  • The only time you should sell your baby (website) is when you are in dyer needs of cash.
  • If you know how to build websites you can sell an unlimited amount of sites. If you want to learn how to easily build a website, then see my post here: how to create a website.



3. Teach Online Courses


Use your mentoring skills to teach online courses. If you are skilled in computer programming, or affiliate marketing, etc., you can earn an income online by teaching others.


Type Of Seller: Entrepreneur  / Mentor

Skill Level: Basic


You can earn an income just by teaching others how to do some of the things you now know how to do.


How It Works


Mentoring and coaching potential learners can be a lot of fun and very rewarding. So if you have your skills together and you know what you want to teach, then follow these steps:


  • Step 1: First find a university or online learning platform.


  • Step 2: Sign up and register to become a teacher.


  • Step 3: Do a video course, etc. about anything you want (are good at).



Questions You May Have


Let’s go over a few of the questions on the Teaching process


Q: Am I Teacher Quality


If you have a skill or skills in one or more categories then you definitely have something to bring to the world of teaching. So the answer is yes… you are teacher quality – qualified and more.


Q: Will People Like My Courses


There is no guarantee that any online teacher is going to be successful, but here are a few things you can try that will at least get you half way there:


  • 1. Be yourself
  • 2. Be happy while teaching
  • 3. Avoid grammar mistakes
  • 4. Produce quality videos
  • 5. Interact with your students


Q: Will I Get Rich Teaching


Well that depends on your definition of rich. If 50k is rich to you then you may reach that in as little as 1 year, or maybe rich takes more for you, maybe 100k thousand dollars or more is rich to you. If so then you probably could make that happen as well but it may take more time… but it can be done, all you have to do is start.



5 Places To Teach Online Courses


Here are five places to make money teaching online courses.


1. Udemy


Start a Udemy account.

Udemy | Become A Teacher


2. Skillshare


Teach now at Skillshare.

Skillshare | Become A Teacher


3. Brainmass


Begin teaching at BrainMass.

BrainMass | Become A Teacher


4. Ether


Start a teaching career with Ether.

Ether | Become A Teacher


5. Createpool


Teach now at Createpool.

Createpool | Become A Teacher



Seller Tips:


  • When selling your courses make sure each one is 100% accurate.
  • Be sure your grammar and video quality is correct.
  • Speak as if you only have one student.


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