Should I Make A Blog With Blogger or WordPress

In this lesson we will discover quite a few great things about free blogging platforms, and how creating a blog with two of the majors… Blogger & WordPress… will benefit you in your career.



My mission here today is to show you what two of the major blogging platforms can do for you, it is not to convince you that wordpress is better than blogger, or blogger is better than wordpress, because they both have their pro’s and cons when it comes to its applications.


Me trying to make one look bad so that you choose the other one is just a waste of both my own time as well as yours, because each blogger’s experience with these two great platforms will be different.


So I won’t be comparing the two blogging platforms to one another today, maybe for another post, but this one will focus on what both blogger and wordpress have in common… and most important, what they both can do for you, and how it can help you succeed faster.



Getting Started


When first getting started things can be a bit confusing and frustrating, because people are always trying to make you choose between one blogging platform or the other one, as if to contrast everything, but instead of contrasting why not try finding common grounds between such things.


Here are some very important common features that you will find in both blogging platforms:


1st: Support


  • Each platform has a support group.
  • Each platform is frequently updated.
  • Commenters in each group are usually accurate.
  • Staff personnel often reply to comments and questions.



2nd: Security


  • Each system provides technical security.
  • Each system updates its application regularly.
  • Each system blocks & stops spam.
  • Each system secures your whole entire blog.



3rd: Usability


  • Each application is user-friendly.
  • Each application allows guests & users.
  • Each application allows user interaction (comments).
  • Each application comes fully equipped (with tools).



4th: Profitability


  • Each system provides a way to monetize.
  • Each system allows you to blog.
  • Each system allows you to market.
  • Each system provides you with traffic tools.



Using Both Platforms


Being that both blogger and wordpress are both free to use, I think that you as a beginner blogger should use both platforms. Test each one out and see if there is one that you like the best over the other.


If you cannot decide on which one you like more, you actually don’t have to, you can just use both of the applications and be just fine. There are no rules, no matter what people may try to make you think, you don’t have to choose between the two, you can just use them both.



Start With Blogger


Start things off by signing up with Google and creating a Google account, then head over to Blogger and create your first blog for the whole world to see.



Finish With WordPress


After starting a blog with Blogger, create your next blog with WordPress. WordPress has a pretty straight forward setup process that you will go through. It’s nothing hard at all to endure, just name your blog, fill in the forms and get started with everything.



Career Moves


Start a career by creating a blog or two blogs for free while using two of the best applications available on the web. These two applications have everything you need in order to get started, so you don’t have to wait on anyone or anything before beginning your career moves.


After setting up a blog with both Blogger and WordPress you will start getting hands on experience and learning to blog at your own pace, and in your own way, so there’s no pressure and no time limit on your success.


Also, as mentioned earlier, you can monetize either blog platform, so you will be building up your readership and income level as you go – through blogging you will continue to attract readers and through product affiliation you will be earning an income.


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