How To Make A Blog Extremely Successful

When trying to figure out how to make a blog a success, you need to think about the topic of the blog and the audience that will be interested in reading the material that lives on it.


If you have to start a blog first and then make it a success, then you need to follow this lesson: how to start a blog, however if you already have started a blog then you need to continue reading.



5 Ways To Make A Blog A Success


Here are five of the most proficient ways to make a blog hugely successful.



1. Know Your Blog Topic – Knowing the type of blog you are going to start is very important to your career as a blogger, not only do you need to have a good knowledge about what goes on inside of the type of field or niche that you are in, you also have to be ready to further your knowledge through constant trials and research.


Be ready to become a master of your art. Become a master of your blog niche.


Here are some ways to master your niche:


  • Research
  • Daily Reading
  • Trial & Error
  • Testing Old Ideas
  • Testing New Ideas



2. Choose A Good Theme – Some people may not think so, but choosing the right theme is very important to ones success in blogging, your theme has to compliment your blog topic. Just think about it for a moment, if you have a theme that’s designed in a way that makes it hard for a visitor to understand and navigate, then you could possibly lose that visitor forever.


So be sure to choose a theme that is 100% user-friendly and easily readable for those that will be new to your site.


Here are some themes you can try out:




Free themes that are easy to use


Theme Name : Flat Bootstrap


Theme Name : Twenty Sixteen


Theme Name : BrightNews



3. Choose Good Plugins – When deciding on the best plugins to use for your site it is always a good idea to think about what the site needs the most. For instance if your site doesn’t have a spam comment blocker but you don’t want anyone spamming your comment section, then you need a plugin that blocks comment spam.


Figure out the things your blog needs and select your plugins according to the needs, not the wants, of your blog.


Here are some plugins you can try out:




Free plugins that are easy to use.


Plugin Name : Askimet | Usage : stops spam comments


Plugin Name : WP Super Cache | Usage : speeds up your blog


Plugin Name : Yoast SEO | Usage : helps search engines find you



4. Create Quality Content – When writing your articles or blog posts you need to write with your readers in mind, each post should contain enough accurate information that the reader can benefit from, it should also answer the questions that the reader have.


Article writing is very easy to do, but it still has to make sense and educate people in some way.


Here are some writing techniques you can try out:


  • Pre-plan your post
  • Write for readers
  • Stay on topic
  • Be informational
  • Proofread



5. Keep It Fresh – Once an article or blog post is written it has to be published to the web, and once it’s published and live on the internet for a while it can become a bit outdated and stale, so it is your job to update the post and keep things fresh.


Always keep things fresh, relevant and current with the times, by not doing so can result in less visitors.


Here are some ways to keep your blog fresh:


  • Rewrite an old post
  • Add content to a post
  • Include what’s trending
  • Delete old posts & write new ones



Alright, so you have started your blog, and you now know how to make it successful, I guess the last thing to do is to just get started… so go ahead and do that right away. Goodbye for now.


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