The End Of Internet Marketing As We Know It (Pt2)

This review comes as no surprise, bloggers have been mentioning for years that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is dead, so today we’ll take a closer look at it.


SEO has been around for over 20 years now and lots of people depend on it for a multitude of reasons, one reason being building a customer base, because if people find you or your product while searching via search engine, you could possibly land a sale if the person sees and likes your item.



A Brief Explanation of SEO


I didn’t really want to go into the whole “what is seo” ordeal, giving that this is a saturated topic I am going to assume that you have an idea of what seo is, but I will still however briefly cover it.


  • Anytime someone searches a search engine such as Google, they are probably looking for things like information about a certain topic or maybe even a certain item that they want to buy.


  • If you happen to be selling this certain type of item, you are going to want the person that is searching, to find you and buy the item from you and not anyone else.


  • Before you or your item can be seen you would first have to start a blog or build a website that contain specific keywords that relates to the item the person is searching for.


  • Once your keyword is searched for and if you happen to be listed in the first 10 results of Google, you stand a great chance of selling your item to the searcher.


  • You may still have a chance at making the sale if your within the next 10 results (20 results total) or page two, and while your chances are a bit slimmer you still have a shot.


So hopefully this explained a bit about what seo is and how it works.



SEO Is Dead


When people say that seo is dead they are thinking in terms of search engines no longer existing, so when you think about giant search engines like Google, you think to yourself wow Google is outta here. That also goes for Bing, Yahoo, Yandex and all of the others.



The Story Behind SEO Ending


As I mentioned earlier in the writing, seo is saturated with the same old articles, and the same old seo tips and the same old seo systems that are supposed to be the solution to everyone’s problem that isn’t ranking highly in Google.


SEO was part of every bloggers marketing plan, but now only about a half of bloggers are using seo to sell their products and build their client base. Bloggers have now moved on to social media, this is of course what killed seo, just as it killed the email.


Social media is looked upon as being the cleansed way to reach clients, there is no saturation of duplicated articles and content that drives people away, so bloggers are now putting all of their faith into Facebook, Twitter and social media spots for building their customer base.



What Do I think About It


Here’s what I think about it all, seo is still going on even on Facebook, because now facebook has its very own search engine that you can search for results on, so that sort of kills the idea of seo ending, doesn’t it? Seo will actually never die, not even with search engines like Google, because people are always going to want to explore their search options, they will never only choose one way to search and stick to it, it’s not likely to happen.


Also, there are people that are so used to searching for everything on Google that they will never stop doing it, sure they may try Facebook’s search engine every now-and-then but Google will always be where their trust lies. And another thing to think about is that if seo died via Google search engine (because people got tired of it) it will probably also die via Facebook search engine (for the same reason/s).


I say this in closing, when you come across an article, video or person telling you that seo is dead and you shouldn’t be wasting your time with it, ask that person what do they suggest and if they say social media, then you already know that even with social networks seo still exist – so keep doing what you are doing. If you are now practicing seo with Google and targeting keywords in an attempt to reach Google’s first page, don’t stop doing so, keep going until you’ve reached that number one spot, because as long as Google (which is the search engine) is still allowing seo efforts to catapult you into the first position of its search results then seo still exists through Google, it may exist through the person that said it’s dead, but you’re not trying to rank your blog with that person, you’re trying to rank it through Google so ignore them and focus more on Google, just try to differentiate yourself and out-perform the competition.


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