Getting Started With Free Blog Websites

Free blog websites are very common today. There are many different websites to create a blog for free on, let’s find out how you can benefit from it all.



What Are Free Blog Websites?


A free blog site is the same thing as a website or a blog, and the term “free”, just means that you can make a blog or a website for free, by using one of the website or blog creating platforms that’s out there today.


WordPress for instance is a free blog site that you can use to start a blog with. I’m sure you’ve heard of this, but if there’s a chance that you have not then don’t worry I will be explaining it and other free website platforms a bit more later on in the writing.



8 Of The Best Free Blogging Platforms Around


Here is a list of some of the best platforms to create a blog and a website on, for either yourself as a personal site or as a business:


1) WordPress


WordPress Blogging Platform is probably the most talked about and largest blogging site in the world. Powering 27% of blog websites and counting.



2) Medium


Medium Blog Website is only 4 years of age at the time of this writing, but it is quickly catching on and becoming one of the commonly known platforms on the web.



3) Tumblr


Tumblr Plattform was founded almost 9 years ago, it is one of the largest blogging sites on the internet, now employing more than 400 people and services millions.



4) Drupal


Drupal Platform has been around for quite a spell, it’s initial release date was over 16 years ago. This is one of the widely known blog websites and it is continuing to grow and expand its features as time progresses.



5) Wix


Wix Platform has been around longer than some people may think, it is 11 years old in platform years, and now has twelve locations to call home. It also over fourteen hundred employees working on the clock.



6) Weebly


Weebly Platform

was created more than 10 years ago and is one of the biggest names in the industry. While weebly offers web hosting services at a price, it also offers a free blogging service.



7) Blogger


Blogger Platform is one of the original blogging services around, it was created in the late 90’s (1999). Everyone knows the story of how Google purchased it from Pyra Labs back in 2003 websites.



8) Joomla


Joomla Platform is known all over the world for it’s ease of use and mobility. This service has now been around for nearly eleven years, it is often recommended by blogging professionals.



How To Operate Blog Websites


Each platform that’s listed above has all of the tools and features that you are going to need to get started. I wanted this list to be a list of the top, well known blogging sites – the ones that come well equipped.


Features Per Platform:


  • User friendly + ease of use
  • Free blog or website
  • Free hosting
  • Themes
  • Plugins
  • Support & help groups
  • Trust & recognition & more


There are plenty more features that these wonderful blogging platforms have, while some may offer more than others, each one are still great to try out.


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