How To Start Affiliate Network Marketing

Each affiliate network is different, that’s why you have to carefully choose the right one. Today we are going to be talking about the power of affiliate networks and how to use them in marketing.



What Is An Affiliate Network?


An affiliate network is a network that allows affiliate marketing people like you to join, then find a product and become an affiliate for said product. These products are provided by the merchants for a sales price. In case you were wondering what a merchant is, here is an explanation: a merchant is a person or people that have a product or service listed within a network. This product or service is to be sold by publishers (also known as affiliate marketers), to customers that are interested in buying it.



How Affiliate Networks Actually Work


Affiliate networks act as the host for a merchant’s product, remember that a merchant is a person or a group of people with a product listed within the affiliate network. It is then the publisher’s (you) job to help market and sell the product for the merchant. Once a sale is made, the merchant, the publisher and sometimes the network, share the funds that were accumulated.


Let’s look a little closer at each element:



The Network


The purpose of the network is to connect the merchant (also known as the vendor, or advertiser), with the publisher (also known as the affiliate), by doing the following:


  • Hosting a product or service item for the merchant
  • Providing a way for the publisher to partner with merchants
  • Allowing merchants and publishers to personally communicate
  • Showing the publisher all details (payment amounts, product performance, etc.) of the product or service.


The network includes both the merchant and publisher by allowing each side to make a clear decision whether they’d like to work with one another or not. Another thing that the network provides, is security for both the merchant and the publisher – so if an agreement is made, or a transaction takes place, each party can feel and know that they are safe.



The Merchant


The role of the merchant is to provide a product or service on the network. The merchant’s duties are to:


  • Provide accurate information about their items
  • Provide marketing tools (if possible)
  • Prove that they are real people and not a robotic program
  • Have a form of contact information
  • Show the mechanics of the product or service


Each merchant’s product or service is secured and safe for anyone to partner with. The merchant includes all details and information about each item that is provided, for the potential affiliate to see. Even the amount of funds that the merchant is willing to share for each sale is shown.



The Publisher


This is where you come in, as the affiliate marketer. Your duties are to:


  • Partner with a merchant
  • Become an affiliate for one or more items
  • Find interested customers
  • Sell products for the merchant


As an affiliate you have to know a thing or two about affiliate marketing, this will help you to make better choices when it comes to partnering with merchants and choosing the right products for you to sell.



7 Of The Best Affiliate Networks Online Today


Here are seven of the best affiliate networks available across the web as of now:



1) Rakuten Marketing


Rakuten Network which used to be LinkShare, is one of the largest affiliate networks on the web right now, it has a large variety of products and services that you can partner with.



2) Clickbank


Clickbank’s Network is well known all over the internet, perhaps it may be the most talked about affiliate network on the web. It has over $3Billion dollars in sales, which makes it one of the most successful places out there.



3) Ebay Partners


Ebay’s Partner Network happens to be a great service to partner with. You make money by sharing ebay listing items, which are around 800 million or more.



4) Amazon Associates


Amazon Associates Network has been around for quite some time now, and everyone that is into affiliate marketing has either tried it, or has thought about trying it. It has a large amount of Amazon products for you to sell.



5) ShareASale


ShareASale Network has become known to many people as the go-to place for publishers and merchants. There are now over 3900 merchants and thousands of products to choose from.



6) CJ


CJ Network used to be known as commission junction, but while the name has changed, the goal has not. This site connects you with some of highest paying merchants around.



7) Jvzoo


Jvzoo’s Network is one of the newer networks to hit the market but is growing pretty quickly. There are many different types of products to choose from here, and the good part is you’re paid instantly via paypal.



As Promised: This is the part where I discuss the marketing.


Now that you know how an affiliate network works and how publishers and merchants interact with one another, it’s time for you to learn how the marketing aspect of it all works.


In a nutshell, when it comes to marketing the product or service that you have chosen to partner with, you are going to need a way to get people to see the item, and the best way to do that is to:


  • Start a website (blog)
  • Set up a newsletter
  • Open a social network account


By doing one or all of the suggestions above, you can then meet people that will eventually become your customers, if you market your product to them in the correct way.



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