How To Make Money Using Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Online

Using Pay Per Click also known as PPC to make money is not as hard as you may think. I will show you how to earn an income through PPC advertising today.



What Is Pay Per Click (PPC)


The idea of pay per click advertising is to allow advertisers to promote their businesses without having to wait on search engines to rank their blogs and websites.


An advertiser can get to the first page of Google without having to blog their way to the first page. Some people just aren’t ok with waiting months and sometimes years on organic methods to pay off, and some people just aren’t bloggers, so they choose to pay to play – this is where ppc comes in.


When paying to have your blog reach the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., you skip all of the hassle of blogging for placement, all you have to do is pay for each click that happens.



What Is The Difference Between PPC & CPC


The definition of ppc and cpc are actually the exact same thing, it’s just two different terms.


Understanding the term PPC


People look at the term PPC as paying for each click that is made on an ad. Meaning you have to pay someone each time your ad is clicked on.


Understanding the term CPC


People look at the term CPC as the amount of money it is going to cost the advertiser per click that is made. Meaning that the advertiser pays a cost every time his or her ad is clicked on.


As you can see there’s absolutely no difference between the two terms? I just wanted to clear that up for some of the curious beginners out there.


Now we can move along…



How Can You Make Money With PPC


Alright making money with pay per click is quite simple, all you have to do is find an advertising network and sign up as an affiliate. I’m sure you’ve heard of the term affiliate marketing by now, but in case you haven’t and you don’t know how it works, read this lesson: what is affiliate marketing pro.


Find Ad Networks


Here are some of the top advertising networks to join.


  • 1. Google Adsense
  • 2. Infolinks
  • 3. Chitika
  • 4. Bidvertiser
  • 5.



Google Adsense – This ad network is obviously ran and operated by the Google company, it is one of the mostly known advertising networks online today, and has been for many years now.


Google Adsense | Signup



Infolinks – Here is an ad network that partners with some of the biggest names in the advertising industry, names like Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and many more.


Infolinks | Signup



Chitika – A little over 10 years old now, this ad network demands its respect by serving billions of ads on a monthly basis. It is also one of the most trusted ad networks online today.


Chitika | Signup



Bidvertiser – Probably not as well known as the others but this is an ad network that does the exact same thing as the rest, it pays on time, it pays top dollar for each ad and even sale conversion that is made.


Bidvertiser | Signup – This ad network serves ads from Bing as well as Yahoo, and have many different advertisers that they partner with like Cosmopolitan, Fixya, Better Homes and Gardens and much more. | Signup



These 5 advertising networks can make you a lot of money in pay per click ads, you just have to get the traffic and get people to start clicking on the ads.


Before I end this lesson, let me say this… when choosing one or more of these advertising networks to partner with, don’t forget to select the right type of ads to display on your site, remember, the people that will be clicking on the ads that are on your site, are your visitors, it’s not like any of these ad networks are going to send visitors your way, they’re expecting for you to send people to them.


Having said that, don’t bore or aggravate the visitors you worked so hard to get, show only relevant ads to them, and don’t have your blog full of nothing but ads, have useful content available on your site as well.


Also be sure to use each ad network’s filtering application, each ad network has a filtering section that you can use to your liking, so use it to your advantage and make your visitors want to click on your ads.


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