How To Make Money Blogging With Clickbank

Today we will be going over how to make money blogging with one of the mostly known affiliate marketing networks online for more than 10 years… and that would be Clickbank.





What Does Clickbank Do


Now that you know that clickbank is an affiliate marketing network, I will explain just what it is that clickbank does and how you can use it to earn an income online.


If you visit you will notice that there are a lot of products that live on the site, that’s because clcikbank is a network that offers both merchants (product owners) and affiliates (product sellers) a way to connect and make money. Both parties are able to get what they want without actually ever even meeting in person, it’s just business and go.


If you are a merchant and searching for a place to store your product and quickly get affiliates to start selling said product for you, then there’s no doubt about it… clickbank is the place for you.


Maybe you’re an affiliate that’s starting a blog and in search of a great product to place on your blog and make money with it, then you need to go to clickbank and grab a product so you can get started.


Assuming that you don’t have your own product, so you won’t be acting as a merchant, tells me that you will be playing the role of the affiliate, so start things off by setting up a blog.



Starting Your Blog


Before getting started you need to have a blog to market the product on. Here’s how to create a blog:


You create a blog by bringing both your domain name and web hosting together in one central location, if you are unsure how to do this, just read my lesson: how to start a blog.



Using Your Blog To Make Money


This is how to use your blog and make money with it, by promoting a clickbank product that you know a lot about, or have tried and tested in the past.


The first thing that has to happen is that your blog contains content that your audience wants and needs. And by content I’m not talking about just throwing 300 or even 10,000 words onto a page, this won’t help anything at all. Your content has to teach someone something, it has to answer the question they have in their head and it has to leave them wanting more and more of the type of content you bring to the table.



Choosing A Product


When it comes to choosing a product on clickbank to sell, you have to take a few things into consideration, like the following:


  • What niche is your blog in?
  • Who is the owner of the product?
  • How well written or professional is the product?
  • Have you personally used the product before?



Once you have figured out which product works best for you, you have to then get your affiliate link (clickbank refers to it as a hoplink, or a tracking id). This link connects you to the product, in turn it guarantees that you get paid every time you make a sell for the merchant.


The merchant should have a few selling tools available for you to use, these tools make selling his or her product easier. The tools are often banners, or free gifts and things like that, once you choose to promote their product you will see whatever tools th provide you with.


All you have to do now is to place your affiliate link or banner onto your blog, it can be placed anywhere, and start getting click-throughs, this will eventually lead to a sale.


Once a sale is made, clickbank will store it in their system as a payment for you, which may be $10, $20 or even $50, this depends on how much money the merchant was willing to share.


And that about wraps it up. Once you send the buyer to the merchant’s sale page from your affiliate link, the rest is up to the merchant, and if a sale is made then you get your cut.


That’s how it works, I hope you enjoyed this lesson.


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