How To Make Money Blogging – PRO

This is the pro version of how to make money blogging, so today you’ll be learning to monetize your blog in more ways than one. I hope you’re ready.


Before getting started, I assume you do have a blog to make money with?


If you don’t have a blog already, don’t worry, I have the perfect solution, just follow my lesson on how to start a blog, this should get you on your way.



If you don’t feel like reading through all of the detailed information that’s on the how to start a blog page, you don’t have to, I can cover it here for you.


Here is a quick way to make a blog:


  • 1) Choose a domain name.


  • 2) Find a web hosting provider E.g. hostgator.


  • 3) Choose a web hosting package.


  • 4) Install WordPress.


  • 5) Choose a blogging theme.


And that’s it, you should now have a blog on the web.



What Is A Blogger


It is always a good idea to first understand what a blogger is, and what a blogger does, before you actually start making money as a “blogger”. So let’s discuss what a blogger is, and what exactly it is he or she does.


A blogger is someone that blogs about different things on the internet, these things may or may not be within the same category.


Some bloggers blog about many different things, such as golf, politics, crime, etc., all on the same blog, while others may only blog about deer hunting on their blog; this is called a niche, or niche blogging, which is very popular around the web.


Once a blogger knows and understands their niche well, the blogger will then begin to reach out to other people and invite them to come and read his or her blog. Once this blogger has more and more people coming by to read the blog, the blogger’s blog will soon be indexed and placed in search engines results that will be shown to anyone that visits a search engine such as Bing and search for certain information.


At this point the blogger and their blog has become a really big deal. Such a big deal in fact, the blogger is now being considered what some refer to as an authority figure.


After a blogger becomes an authority figure he or she can begin to monetize their blog in one or more ways.



How Does A Blogger Make Money


Whether you have become an authority figure as a blogger or not, as this normally takes a little time, you still have the same options to choose from as any authority blogger would.


For instance, if I wanted to make money through affiliate marketing, I would simply find an affiliate network, locate a familiar product (a product I now use or have used before), and sign up as an affiliate of said product. It’s really just as simple as that. No need to be ranked as an authority figure. This all comes in due time.


All this talk about how easy making money is, of course you would like to see that in action, and even more money making options, right? Sure you would, and I can certainly understand it, so here goes some more ways to make money with your blog:



Clickbank Affiliate


You can become a Clickbank seller. Clickbank is an affiliate marketing network that hosts different types of products.


Clickbank offers hundreds of quality products that vendors have placed on their network for you to choose from.


You can promote one or more of the products on your blog and receive a commission for each successful sale.



How It Works


This is how Clickbank works:


  • As a seller you have to find a product that suits your category or niche.
  • You need the affiliate link for the product you want to become an affiliate for.
  • You have to place the affiliate link on your blog for customers to see and click on.
  • Once an interested buyer has clicked on the link, he or she will be taken to the vendors website where a sale can be made, and if successful, then you get a percentage of the sale.


How To Get Started



  • Step 2: Click on the “Create Account” link at the top right of the page.


  • Step 3: Fill out the sign up form and that’s it. You can now find a product to promote.



Blogger Notes:


  • Be patience. Selling Clickbank products takes time.
  • Be persistent. Give it 100% percent.
  • Be realistic. Your earnings may not always be in large numbers.



Amazon Affiliate


You can become a seller for Amazon and sell their products on your blog for income.


Amazon is now a multi-functional site – if you will. It used to be just an affiliate marketplace, or an e-commerce site, but today it has evolved to become and do so much more. It is a video streaming site, it’s an audio streaming site, it’s an e-commerce site, and on and on.


Being that Amazon has multiple areas of business that they deal in, we will just focus on the affiliate marketing & product selling area.


Becoming an affiliate seller for Amazon is easy, all you have to find a product or two to sell on your own site and receive your commission.


How It Works


This is how Amazon Associates works:


  • You find a product on Amazon’s site you’d like to become an affiliate for.
  • You sign up for the product and get your affiliate code for it.
  • You promote the product on your blog via photos, widgets, text-links, etc.


How To Get Started


  • Step 1: Start off by visiting the site: Amazon


  • Step 2: Click the “Join Now for Free” button.


  • Step 3: You will have to have an existing Amazon account before logging in.


  • Step 4: You then need to complete the steps: Account Information, Website and Mobile App List, Profile, Identity Verification, and Start Using Associates Central.



Blogger Notes:


  • Understand that small commissions can add up.
  • Take advantage of Amazon’s widgets.
  • Choose only reliable products from reliable sellers.



Google Advertiser


Google has had their revenue sharing advertising system up and running for quite a while now, you may know it as Adsense.


Adsense is designed to pay you as the advertiser on a per click basis or better known as CPC or Cost Per Click, which means if someone clicks on an Adsense ad that is on your site, you will be paid for it, every time a click happens.



How It Works


This is how Google advertising works:


  • An advertiser pays Google to showcase their goods and products to as many people as Google possibly can.
  • Google shares some of the revenue that the advertiser is paying them with bloggers like you.
  • You are paid for every click that your visitors make on your site. So if you have 100 visitors and each one of those visitors click on your Adsense ad, then you would earn a commission.
  • How much you earn per click is unknown and varies but it will be something. So if you are getting up to $1 a click, then you’ve just made $100 for the day.



How To Get Started




  • Step 3: Choose your ad types and sizes.


  • Step 4: Get ad code.


  • Step 5: Place ad or ads, up to 3, on your blog.



Blogger Notes:


  • Google has to approve you, which they will, if your blog has content.
  • Use only large ads, skip smaller ones and skip text-link ads.
  • Use only one or two adsense ads on your blog.



CJ Affiliate


CJ Affiliate used to be known as commission junction, which is an online advertising company. It connects advertisers with bloggers and sellers.


There are hundreds of different advertisers that are on CJ, and if you are in their same markets then they want you as a promoter for their products and services.



How It Works


Here is how CJ Affiliate works:


  • Small and large companies list their services.
  • You sign up with CJ Affiliate as a publisher.
  • You find one or more of the companies that are in your same niche.
  • You then decide to become a publisher for that company.
  • You request permission from the company to promote their products.
  • If approved, you are now affiliated with that company and can begin selling their products.


How To Get Started


  • Step 1: Visit CJ Affiliate.


  • Step 2: Click on one of the option under the “Publisher” link.


  • Step 3: Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Free Publisher Sign-Up” button.


  • Step 4: Click the “Sign Up Today” button.


  • Step 5: Fill out the form and you’re done.



Blogger Notes:


  • You may be rejected by some companies.
  • Only connect with trusted companies.
  • Stick with companies that are in your niche.



Upwork Seller


It is quite simple to make money on the new Upwork job site, which is the power of former site & former site, combined into one mega-site –


This site works as you’d expect, it allows you to do work for people that are looking to hire skillful individuals. Your job is to present those skills and perform tasks the customers are requesting.



How It Works


This is how Upwork works:


  • A client places a job on the board.
  • Your skills are matched to their search query.
  • The client checks out your profile to see your experience.
  • You get the gig.
  • You do a good job, you get paid for it.



How To Get Started



  • Step 2: Click the “Become a Freelancer” button at the top of the page.


  • Step 3: Click the “Get Started” button.


  • Step 4: Create your account and get started.



Blogger Notes:


  • Stand out to clients by performing great work.
  • Take on jobs because of passion, not because of money.
  • Ask clients if they need additional assistance.



Freelancer Seller


Making money as a Freelance seller is super easy to do, as Freelancer offers you many ways to present your skills to their large audience.


Freelancer has a large variety of different categories for you to pick through, when it comes to choosing which way you want to make money. One of the categories you can go into is “Writing & Content”, this category suits any blogger, and all blogging topics. So if you blog about knitting socks, then you are going to find that there are lots of other people out there that are interested in the same thing, and may hire you to write a 200 page ebook about knitting socks.


How It Works


This is how Freelancer works:


  • You as the seller will set up your account and showcase your skills (blogging, articles, content writing, etc.).
  • A buyer will post a project or job that they need done, and if your skills (blogging, content writing, etc.) match their what they’re looking for, then they may consider hiring you.
  • If hired you have to do the job exactly the way the buyer tells you to, or else you may be fired by the buyer.
  • Once the buyer is happy with the results you can collect pay.


How To Get Started



  • Step 2: Click on either the “I want to work” button, or the Sign Up link at the top of the page.


  • Step 3: Signup either through Facebook or with your email address.


  • Step 4: Set up your account. Add your skills and start getting some customers.


Blogger Notes:


  • You have to have extreme patience.
  • Ask buyer to be as specific as possible.
  • Keep in contact even after sale is made.



Fiverr Seller


Fiverr has become one of the fastest growing online market places on the web.


What the site does is offer bloggers like yourself an opportunity to earn income. There are so many categories that you could choose from.


As a blogger the best category on there for you is probably going to be the Writing & Translation category. This category has a lot of the things that you already know a great deed about, like:


  • Articles & Blog Posts
  • Creative Writing
  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Research & Summaries



How It Works


This is how Fiverr works:


  • You as the seller must showcase your work for a minimum of $5.
  • Interested buyers will visit your gig and decide to buy.
  • You perform the task whatever it may be, could be to write a 1000 word article, it could be to write a 168 page ebook.
  • If customer is satisfied, they’ll pay you through Fiverr, then you will release the downloadable items to them.


How To Get Started


  • Step 1: Go visit the site: Fiverr.


  • Step 2: Click on either Join or Start Selling at the top of the page.


  • Step 3: Enter your email and click the big “Continue” button.


  • Step 4: Enter a username and a password and you’re in. You will still need to visit your email and confirm your email address though, but you can do it later.



Blogger Notes:


  • Always be polite.
  • Ask for an honest review.
  • Don’t forget to be prompt.



iWriter Author


You can earn an online income by writing content for content services like iwriter.


The iwriter website is a content creation site, or in other words a writing service. Which means that the authors and bloggers on there will write and create content for customers.


How It Works


This is how iWriter works:


  • A customer requests to have a job done.
  • Some customers may want you to write an article, some may want an ebook, etc.
  • You could offer to write 150 words for $1.25, or 700 words for $5, and so on, but this is at a standard rate.
  • You could bump things up by offering to write at a premium rate and charge $2.75 for 150 words, or $7.15 for 700 words, and so on.


How To Get Started


  • Step 1: Start by visiting the site: iwriter.


  • Step 2: Locate the “Write Content” link and click on it.


  • Step 3: Fill in the empty fields inside the signup area and click the big “Write Content Now” button.


  • Step 4: You will be contacted via email, so you can get started with your account and that’s it. Just get in there start writing and start making some money. Good luck.



Blogger Notes:


  • Always be nice to the customers.
  • If 150 words are requested, write 170+ words.
  • Take on as many jobs as you can.




How To Not Make Money As A Blogger


While there are hundreds of ways to earn an income with your blog, there are however some ways you probably should not attempt. These are ways of making money I do not recommend.


Not every income gateway is a good one, some gateways can have your blog banned from places like Google’s search index, and trust me you do not want this to happen to you, and other gateways can come off as spam to your readers, even though it may not be, you could still lose your readership.


So what do you do?


The short and sweet answer is… just avoid it all together. Stay away from the spam related ways of making money. Don’t take any chances with losing your placement on Google, or losing your audience. Just say no.


The following are some of the make money blogging gateways you should avoid:


  • 1) Private Label Products (affiliate marketing PLR products).
  • 2) Sponsored links (placing paid links on your blog).
  • 3) Sponsored posts (placing paid posts on your blog).



How Much Money Can I Make Blogging


This answer comes easy, because the truth is “you can make millions of dollars blogging!”. It’s true, bloggers just like you are making anywhere from thousands to millions of dollars every single year, and it’s all from blogging.


For instance, one of the well known top blogging sites on the internet today is no other than the “Perez Hilton Blog“, and it earns well over $100,000 per month.


This blog gossips about celebrities and everything they do, whether it’s good or bad, the juice is spilled. How can anyone not be interested in that?


Another highly earning income blog, probably the highest earner in it’s field, is the “Huffingtonpost Blog“. This blog covers a variety of subjects, like celebrities and entertainment, health, beauty and much more, but its biggest subject is probably its political subject.


Oh, I forgot to mention that this blog makes a whopping 50 to 100+ million dollars per year… that’s right!


I bet you didn’t think a blog could do such large numbers did you?


You should now have a sense of how much money a typical blog can earn if done right of course.


If you were to start, build and grow your blog correctly, you yourself could be making 100k or more a month from blogging.



How Other People Make Money Blogging


It seems like every successful blogger on the web is making money blogging these days, if you pay close enough attention, you too can learn how they do it.


We’ve seen how one blog uses the celebrity gossip category to make more than $100k a month, so you now know that blogging is real, and it can make you some real money, you just gotta get a feel for what will work for you.


What I like to do is ask a successful blogger directly, how they make money blogging, because sometimes they can be monetizing their blog in ways that is not visible to you just by looking at their blog.


I’m fully aware that if you are just starting out, you are going to be unsure as to which way to go about monetizing your blog, so to further give you some options of monetizing, here is how other people just like you make money blogging every single day:



Affiliate Marketing


This method happens to be one of the greatest and easiest ways to earn an income by blogging. All that is needed on your part is a blog and a few visitors to come and click through your affiliate links, which will then take them to the merchants site, where they will handle everything else – processing payments, delivering the product, etc., all you do from here is receive commissions every time a sale is made.


One thing to note about affiliate marketing products is that there are some good ones and there are some bad ones, just be sure to weed out the bad ones, and stick with the good ones.


If you need help finding good products read this: what is affiliate marketing



CPM Advertising


This is somewhat similar to CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising except in this case you are not paid per click, your are paid per 1000 impressions, thus the term CPM, which is short for Cost Per Impression.


This means that every time 1000 visitors visit your blog with the ad present, you are paid a certain amount of money. The exact amount depends on whatever number you and your client agreed upon. Say for instance you agreed on $4 for every 1000 impressions (visits) that happens, and you received 400,000 visits that week. that would be a total of $1600. Not too bad. Learn more about CPM Advertising here: Cost Per Impression




Sponsored Posts


I know that I advised you not to allow anyone to place paid posts on your very own blog, but I did not say that you couldn’t write posts for anyone else, for a fee.


Some bloggers still use paid posts, despite that their could possibly be penalties or annoyed readers. These bloggers probably aren’t concerned about it because they know how to do it without overdoing it. Meaning that they are probably only going to allow a handful of posts, by a handful of bloggers. So if they offer the job to you, don’t just post anything, make it great and maybe you can become a regular sponsor of theirs. Learn more about this type of posting here: Sponsored Posts



Pay Per Click


A great way for you to make money blogging with your blog is to try out pay per click or ppc for short. This is the act of advertising banners or links on your blog for an advertiser and being paid every time a visitor clicks on the advertiser’s ad. Learn more about CPC (Cost Per Click) here: CPC Advertising



Youtube Advertiser


Have you ever noticed how some of the Youtube videos by your favorite bloggers present you with an ad before you see their actual video? That’s because these bloggers are being paid by Youtube for their video content.


Youtube, which is owned by Google, has a cpc (cost per click) model that allows anyone to monetize their videos and earn an undisclosed amount per click. Learn more about Youtube advertising here: Youtube Advertising




How I Make Money Blogging


People are always asking “how do I make money blogging”, and my answer is always the same, I make money from a few different resources.


Let’s first talk about how I used to make money with my blog, or at least how I attempted to and failed miserably. So here we go…


I used to make money blogging about things I really had no clue about, under the gurus orders, I would go to Clickbank, find a product that’s selling the most – gravity at least above 20, I’d aim for a 50 Grav. or better, then get the link and banner ad, then place it on my blog that had little to no content, as it wasn’t about content, it was about me paying hundreds of dollars for Google Adwords campaigns for some bogus keyword.


I know, ridiculous right? Needless to say that I failed each time I tried things the gurus way, yeah I made a few cents from Google Adsense, I made a few dollars from Clickbank, but nothing to post on Youtube about, or the video would still be up. I didn’t even sell enough to get my money back. If you would like to learn more about my failures, you can always read the complete lesson here: an introduction to nextwave affiliate markeing.


Fortunately, I play to the beat of a different drum today, and I make money blogging about things I know about, things I’m passionate about, which are how to make money online, affiliate marketing, how to start a blog – pretty much all of the things that you see on this blog. I’m passionate about things outside of the affiliate world, I just haven’t had the time to get started in them… maybe I will soon.


Here are 3 ways I am currently making money from my blog:


#1: I sell Google ads (Google adsense) space.

#2: I sell private ads (direct ads) space.

#3: I sell affiliate products.



How I Plan To Make Money In The Future


In the near future I plan to start a monthly membership program for this blog: Nextwave Affiliate. There will be plenty of tools, tips, and more that will advance your online experience. I know you’re going to love it. I’ll keep you posted on all of the upcoming details. Just stay tuned…



This Was A Lot Of Fun


This was a fun topic to cover, I love doing my best to help people to make money from their blogs. I know that it’s never an easy thing to do, but it doesn’t have to be hard either, just believe in yourself, and follow those that you feel are steering you in the right direction.


As I bring this writing to a close – hoping that you’ve learned a lot from this lesson, I am curious as to what other bloggers have to add, so this last question is for you guys…



How Do You Make Money Blogging


That’s right, this question is for you guys. If you’re making money right now, describe how you’re doing it. If you’re thinking about making money in a certain field, you too can join in on the conversation. Just post your comments below in the ole comment section. Thanks.


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