How To Install WordPress

Today I will be showing you how to install wordpress for free and create a website or start a blog for yourself, without having to pay someone else to do it for you.


I’m sure you’ve heard of wordpress by now, almost everyone has, but some are still unsure how to go about installing it.



Getting Started


Websites cannot live on their own, in fact a website is technically not a website until it is live on the World Wide Web, and the only way for it to be live on the web, is for it to be hosted by some type of web hosting server or service.


Once you’re live, WordPress can then be installed on your web server, a web server is a program or system that hosts web pages, web pages or what I like to call blog pages, are the pages that your users and readers see, such as a blog post, which is a page with content written on it.


For the most part, you are going to acquire web hosting from a web hosting service like hostgator. Hostgator has a web server already built into their system, thus allowing you to use it and host your web pages through their portal… for a price of course.


After you get your web hosting with a company that services it, eg. hostgator, you will need to install wordpress on your server in order for wordpress to be live and working on your site.



What If I Use


If you are on a free blogging platform such as or Blogger, or some other free platform, then you can’t install wordpress, because if you use then you’re already using its system which is already installed, and if you use some other form of a blogging system such as Blogger, then you can’t because Blogger has its own system already installed and it’s against either blogging platform’s terms of agreement to do so.



Ways To Install


There are at least three ways to install wordpress, two ways are by installing it through your web hosting server, and one way is to download the package to your computer and manually put everything together.


Let’s start with the manual way to do it.


Manual Install


In order to manually install wordpress you have to unzip its files and store all of the files onto your web server. Here are the steps to take:


  • 1. Visit the wordpress download page.
  • 2. Extract the zip files (eg. winrar) to your local computer.
  • 3. Create a new folder and name it anything you like.
  • 4. Place the extracted files inside the new folder.
  • 5. Upload the new folder (eg. filezilla) to your web server.
  • 6. Create a new database and user on your server.
  • 7. Rename the wp-config-sample.php file to wp-config.php.
  • 8. Configure the wp-config.php file to connect to your database and user.




As you can see, it takes a bit of know how when it comes to manually installing wordpress, let’s see another way to install it.



Third-Party Install


This way of installing wordpress onto your web server is called a third-party web application installer, which are applications like Fantastico and Softaculous, these apps make installing wordpress easy.


  • 1. Log into your cPanel or WHM (on your web server).
  • 2. Locate the fantastico or softaculous app.
  • 3. Choose the wordpress app and install it.
  • 4. Finish setting up wordpress (database settings, site settings, admin settings, etc.).


Third-party applications seem to be a bit easier than manually installing wordpress. So if you are unsure about doing it all from scratch, and scared you might damage something, then using a third-party application may just be the way to go.



Quick Install


Just when you thought installing wordpress couldn’t get any easier than the available third-party applications, some web hosting services have made things even more simplistic by introducing what is known as a quick install.


What this app allows you to do is literally click on the icon and click install wordpress. How simple is that?


  • 1. Log into your cPanel or WHM (on your web server).
  • 2. Click on the wordpress icon.
  • 3. Click install wordpress.
  • 4. Enter your credentials and that’s it.


This is by far the easiest route to take when installing wordpress, all of the other routes are a little bit more time consuming, even the third-party route takes a bit of time, given that you have to enter all of that admin stuff, and so on, but with this quick install method about 99% of everything (including the admin stuff) is already included for you, so there’s no need to enter it at all.



Starting A Blog or Website


WordPress makes it easy to start a blog or create a website once it is downloaded onto your web server, all you have to do is choose a theme for your site and you are ready to go. Yep… that’s all there is to it. In fact, wordpress assigns you a default theme automatically, so you actually don’t even have to choose a theme, unless of course, you want to. But for the most part, that’s it, you’re finish and your site is ready to go.


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