How To Get Started In SEO

Sometimes getting started with SEO is complicating, so today I will be going over some SEO tips that will help get your site on the right track.


We will start by submitting your site to the search engines, both major and minor, then we’ll move on to submitting your site to web and article directories. This helps start your site’s SEO, by giving it a presence.


In SEO it’s all about getting your site noticed by the search engines, in order to be noticed by search engines like Google, your site has to be present in places that the search engines look.


Places like article directories and web directories are places that search engines look for blogs and websites, so placing your site on these platforms will undoubtedly get you noticed.


It is also advisable to go as far as to place your site right in front of the search engines, by visiting the search engine’s site and submitting your blog to them manually.


Alright, so now you know that in order to have your site noticed, it has to be present in places the search engines will look in… so I’ll stop talking and we can get started.



Site Submission


Submit your website or blog to major search engines. Signup with search engine sites like Google and Bing, then submit your site through their webmaster tools area.




List More Major Search Engines




That’s it for the major search engines. All the others are minor search engines that get their search results from either Google or Bing, and their results are limited. So if your site is in connection with the major search engines, there’s no need to use the minor ones, but I will list a few of the minors anyway.


List Of Minor Search Engines




Major search engines such as Google and Bing will find you on their own – their search engine bots crawl the web day-in and day-out, and will eventually come knocking at your door regardless, even if you don’t submit your blog to them. But it is still, in my opinion, best to go ahead and submit your site to them anyway, why wait around until they come around? Go ahead and do today what can be done tomorrow.


About Yahoo


Yahoo is now in partnership with Bing, but it is still represented as its own independent major search engine – somehow. It still operates in the same way, and shows the same results, at least for now, Bing plans to use some of its results on Yahoo’s results pages in the near future, so we will see how that all works out, but Yahoo is still acting as a major search engine and that’s why it’s on the major search engine’s list and not the minor search engine’s list.


About Baidu


One thing you should know about the Baidu search engine is that it’s mainly for Chinese people, it’s written in Chinese and mainly markets in China. Americans make up only a small portion of Baidu’s market share, and other countries make up only small portions of its share as well, meanwhile China makes up about 90 something percent of it all, bringing Baidu about 700 million searches per month.


So if Baidu decides to index your site don’t argue with them about it. Besides, until there are more Americans in Baidu’s search results, just stick with the hundreds of millions of Chinese visitors from China to your site?


About Yandex


Just like Baidu, Yandex has a target audience that’s not located here in the states, Americans are its smallest amount of searchers, but its biggest share of searchers aren’t form China it’s in Russia. Yandex is a search engine for Russians, well at least it probably started out that way, but today Yandex is serving search results in more places than just Moscow Russia, they’re now in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Belarus.


One can’t help but think that Yandex too plan to expand in America more, unlike Baidu, Yandex search results are in American English. Also know that, Yandex indexes sites pretty fast, so you could be in their search results rather quickly.



Why submit your site to search engines


Well, because the search engines are going to index your site and add it to their databases, where they will then keep an eye on your site as it grows, and if it reaches a certain point – matches a certain set of algorithms that the search engines go by, then your site will be placed on the search engine’s results pages, meaning that they trust you enough to show your site’s content to their everyday searchers, and to the world.



Submit your site to web directories such as Dmoz and Somuch.


List More Web Directories




Why submit your site to web directories


A web directory is a place to have your website or blog stored and listed inside of a list of sites and categories that are showed to other people and even search engines.



Article Submission


Another great way to build and boost your SEO is to begin writing articles and submitting them to the article directory sites.


Submit your site to article directories like ezinearticles & hubpages.


List More Article Directories




Why Summit your articles to article directories


Article directories are used as a way to attract the search engines, while major search engines don’t favor article directories as much as they used to, it is still a good idea to submit some of your articles to them.


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    Helpful info. I’m glad to learn a few new things about seo tips and how to get started. Thanks.

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