Here Is How To Find Keywords For Your Website And Why You Should

Finding keywords that are relative to the type of niche you’re in is still essential, so today I will be explaining how to find keywords for your website.


Evey website or blog on the web is associated with one or more keywords, which seems easy enough to do, but once you look underneath the surface you’ll notice that a lot of hard work goes into it. It’s all about the thought process, meaning to think about which keywords are the effective for your site, because just any ole keyword won’t do.


So you have to be sure to find the best keywords for you. Speaking of which, here’s how to do that:



How To Find Good Keywords


The best way to find your keywords would be to look through Google’s keyword planner. Planner is the keyword foundation, every keyword that Google deems worthy will be placed inside of planner.


There are a lot of paid keyword services out there that charges you for this, and the worst part is that it doesn’t even show you all of the keywords that planner does, and it also makes up keywords that doesn’t exist in planner or in Google’s search, so it’s pointless to even use the keywords that it throws at you.


My advise is to just stick with planner and find the keywords you need there.



Why Is Finding Or Using Keywords Important


Every website or blog that exist on the web has to be equipped with one or more keywords, at least this is the case for the people that want their sites indexed by search engines.


It take some people years to be indexed and queried inside of search engines results. For instance, it may take your site a year or more to be listed in Google’s search results. And this could possibly be because you either don’t know about how keywords work or you are simply not interested in any of that stuff, so you don’t use keywords or seo for your site.


If you don’t use keywords for your site then you won’t receive any type of traffic from the search engines. And maybe that’s fine by you, search engine traffic isn’t for everyone, but if you do want that search engine traffic, which is free by the way, then you should be using keywords for your site.


Being found in search engine results is how a lot of people are making most of their money these days. So if you are trying to make a living on the internet, which everyone that blogs online is trying to do, then you should definitely not take this means of notoriety for granted. So put those keywords to good use and get indexed in Bing, Yahoo and Google. The traffic will be worth it later.


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