Can You Still Earn An Income Online With Google Ad sense

I know that all of the “gurus” are talking about there is no need to try to earn an income with Google ad sense because it is old or it’s dead, but actually it’s not, and you should continue using it.



Is Google Adsense Dead


No. It’s not dead. So why do so many people say that it’s dead?


People say that adsense is dead because:


  • (1) It didn’t work out for them
  • (2) The gurus are saying it
  • (3) It doesn’t pay enough money



Is it still possible to make money with google ad sense?


The answer to this question comes easy, and that answer is yes. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, adsense money can still be made.


Just look at it in this way: for as long as Google is allowing you to place their merchants ads onto your site, and as long as Google is offering  money for every click that is performed per ad, then ad sense is still a way to make money.



How To Get Started With Ad sense


If you don’t know how to create a Google adsense account then you are probably just getting involved in the whole “how to make money online” craze, but you need to start by visiting this site: follow this link


Sign up for your free account and once it’s created you can apply for ad sense earnings. It’s guaranteed that you are going to be approved right away, because Google is always changing rules and guidelines, but you should be fine, especially if it’s your first time applying.



How To Get Approved For Ad sense


A way to almost guarantee approval is to have a blog or website up and running on the web with a few articles already written.


Try to write about 5 or more articles before applying, this shows Google that your site is active and it also contains content.



I hope this has helped you with making your decision whether or not Google ad sense is a way you’d like to earn an income for yourself.


Until next post… and good luck.


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