How To Connect Twitter To Your Website Or Blog

If you are running a website or blog, you definitely have to be connected to one of the most popular social networks online today… and the name is Twitter.



What Is Twitter


Twitter is a social media network that can be used for both individuals and businesses. It has well over 300 million subscribers that logs in monthly.


Many people like to compare Twitter’s subscriber base to other social media sites, saying how Twitter is growing slower than that of its peers, but Twitter is rapidly growing everyday, so this social site is nothing to sneeze at.



How Does It Work


The idea behind the Twitter system on the subscriber’s end (your end), is to provide you with a large variety of features that will make things a bit more comforting and easy for you.


You can do things like:


  • Write & post tweets
  • Search for people, places & things
  • Add images
  • Upload videos
  • Meet & chat with new people


These things definitely aren’t the only things that Twitter offers its users, there are obviously tons more but to keep things short and simple I’ll end it here.


I can however go over each feature a little bit more in depth:


  • Write & post tweets. Twitter has a name for their blog posts, they like to call it Tweets. You can tweet (post or send) an unlimited amount of tweets (posts or text), for up to 140 characters.


  • Search for people, places & things. You can use the search box at the top of the page to search for literally anything you would like to see. You can find people that also has accounts on Twitter, you can search for places you’d maybe like to visit or perhaps restaurants you’d like to eat at, you can also search for things like auto body shops, or houses for sale, motor boats and much more.


  • Add images. Images can be added to your tweets if you’d prefer. Adding images can add character to your tweet. Some people like to post images of cats and other animals inside of their tweets. You can do so too if you feel that it’s necessary to do so.


  • Upload videos. Adding something like videos to a tweet is a very easy process, all that you need to do is click on the tweet icon as if you’re about to write a tweet, then click on the camera icon that will pop up the text that reads: Add photos or Video; locate your preferred video then click on the open button from your end, then you could either just upload the video or add some text with it and once you’re satisfied just hit the Tweet button and you are done.


  • Meet & chat with new people. Twitter’s main objective is to bring everyone together as an entire community, meaning that subscribers like yourself are suppose to meet and cooperate with other people that are subscribed. This is great news because this is exactly what you need, and by Twitter providing ways that make doing so even simpler and easier is nothing short of amazing – so thank you Twitter.



Signing up for Twitter


When you’re ready to sign up with Twitter, all you have to do is visit their homepage and click on the Sign up button, or you could just follow this link.


The only information that is needed from you is your name, your phone number or email address and a personal password.






Why You Need Twitter


If you are operating your very own business site, whether you’re involved in affiliate marketing or selling your own products and services, you are going to need customers in order to stay in business, that’s where Twitter can help. It can help you reach potential customers.


As I mentioned earlier, Twitter is one of the most popular social networks on the web today and its popularity and subscriber base continues to grow with each day that passes.


Twitter has now reached well over 300 million subscribers that are active on their site petty much everyday, and by having your site connected to it, will make you a part of it all, a good percentage of those 300 million+ plus subscribers could become visitors and even customers of yours. It will definitely take a little work before you can actually connect with enough people and convince them to become readers and fans of your work, but working for it is what you came here to do right?


So let’s get to work, but first connect your site by signing up.


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