How To Connect Facebook To Your Website Or Blog

Everyone today knows and understands that if you want your website or blog to remain relevant in these modern times, you have to be on the social media giant known as Facebook.



How Does Facebook Work


Facebook works just as any other social network would, except it has a few extra features and a whole lot more people that are on the site.


When you think of a large building, or a big city, or anything huge in general, you are thinking of Facebook’s community because it has more than 1Billion people on its network that are signed in every month. That is a lot of people coming together in one place.


Let’s dig more into the functionality of Facebook.


Facebook Features:


  • Facebook is a social network.
  • It’s based on your life activities.
  • It allows you to connect with old school buddies.
  • It helps you find friends, family and anyone else.
  • You can setup a personal profile for people to see.



These are only a few of the functions that are on the site, there are tons more, and even more features are being added as Facebook grows larger.



Facebook Signup


The signup process for Facebook is quite simple, all that is needed on your part is for you to enter a few things like:


  • Your name
  • A phone number or email address
  • A password
  • Your date of birth
  • Your gender





  • You are going to start out by entering both your first and last name, this helps people such as old classmates and friends find you on the site if they’re searching for you.


  • You are then going to need to enter either an email address or a phone number. I personally always enter my email address.


  • You will then need to add a password that you yourself have made up, but remember to have a copy of the password written down somewhere in case you forget it later.


  • You then have to enter your date of birth, don’t make up a fake one, enter your real date of birth, if your friends or family members are ever searching for you, they will know it’s you for sure by matching your name with your date of birth, because someone else can have your same name, but unlikely have the same name and date of birth as you have.


  • You lastly need to provide your gender type. This helps Facebook to further define who you are, by matching your name, date of birth and gender. So if someone has your same name and date of birth, but the personal is perhaps a female and you are a male, your family will still be able to find you, due to the difference in gender.



Why Use Facebook


The reason you would want to use a platform like Facebook is because you are going to need a way to reach people, and Facebook happens to have a billion plus people on their network, so joining in on that number wouldn’t hurt.


As this social media giant continues to dominate all of the rest of its competitors, and grow larger by the minute, it is constantly making things easier for those that are in the entrepreneur fields (affiliate marketing, blogging, SEO, etc.). Just think about it for a moment… if you were to have your site’s presence seen and liked by just 20% of Facebook’s community of subscribers, you wouldn’t need to do much else – such as:


  • Paying 100’s / 1000’s of dollars in advertising.
  • Begging to guest post on someone’s site.
  • Begging someone to guest post on your site.
  • Begging for backlinks.


That list could go on of course, but I think you get the picture. With using Facebook as your means of getting traffic and potential customers, you eliminate the need for all of the begging you’d otherwise have to do. I’m not saying that you should completely discard any other traffic gateway, but Facebook offers more traffic of people at a greater pace than any other means of traffic.



In Closing


That is why I said that you would want to use Facebook and wouldn’t need any other means of traffic, because more than a billion people are at your fingertips, and obtaining just a small percentage of that number would greater your chance at success.


You would no longer have to strenuously find people that allows guest posting on their site, you would no longer have to beg for backlinks and such, all you would have to do is simply use Facebook’s platform to invite the people that’s interested in your topic, back to your website or blog, and from there you could further the relationship by obtaining their email addresses, names and whatever other information about them you feel is needed on your end.


So be sure to sign up with Facebook right now and take advantage of all of the great features it has to offer, and most importantly, you need to take advantage of their 1billion plus subscriber base, that you can get to know, and convert into your newly found subscriber base.


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