How The Posts Area Work In WordPress

Today we will be examining the Posts area of wordpress. You should already be familiar with this area, but if you are just starting wordpress then you definitely need to read this.


When first logging into wordpress you will notice a tab to the left of the screen that says “Posts”, drag your mouse over to this tab and click on it.


You will now see the Posts area, this is where all of your posts are stored. If you do not have any written posts inside then your posts list will be empty and you should probably go ahead and get a post in there by writing one.


Here’s how you get started with writing a post:


Being that you are already inside of the posts area, all you need to now do is click on the Add New button next to the big text that reads: Posts.


You should now see an area that looks something like this:





If you are wondering where is the rest of the parts to this image, then let me explain: this is just a cutout of the main area that we are focusing on, you will however see the whole entire page.


Notice the two empty input fields? One area has faded text inside that says “Enter title here”, and the other field is a big white box with lots of icons at the top of it.



Let’s discuss each field:


  • The first input field is where you would enter the title of your blog post or article. Just as the faded text suggests.


  • The second input field is called a text-area, this is where you are going to write the actual article, meaning all of the content of your story is going to be written inside of here.



Once you are finished adding your title and the content of the post, you then must click on the publish button. This button should be colored blue with white text that says “Publish”, and should be located on the far-right of the screen.


After your post is published, your main post area, the area where all of your posts are stored, should no longer be empty, it should now contain the post that you’ve just written.


Here is an example of my main post area.





Posts from newest to oldest


WordPress lists your posts from newest to oldest, or as some people like to call it “in reverse chronological order”.


As you probably can see in the photo above, the post I am writing right now titled “How The Posts Area Work In WordPress” is shown at the top of the list of posts because it is the most recent or newest result.


Once I write my next post, that post will then be the most recent post, it will reside at the top of the posts list. What happens to the post before that – the post shown in the photo above, is the post will go into second on the list, and when I write another post, the newest post will be first, the others will fall in second and third on the list… and it just continues to go on from there.



A Quick Note


I just wanted to quickly say that I know that I did not actually cover every aspect of the Posts area, and that’s because that there are way too many different elements to the posts area, so many in fact that all of the areas couldn’t be covered here in just this one post, the parts of the area that you see in the photo above are not even close to them all, there’s lots of other areas that I haven’t covered yet, and there are also areas that can be added via plugins, so as you can see, this post would have ended up being over 15000 words (which would have to be labeled as a PRO version) if I had covered everything inside of the posts area.


Here is the good news… every part to the Posts area will soon be discussed in later posts, so don’t worry. I think that it’s best that we don’t rush things, this way you get to thoroughly learn and master everything.


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