How Many Google Accounts Can One Person Have?

Google allows a certain amount of accounts, depending on the type of account being used or created.



Adsense Account


Google allows you to have only one (1) adsense account per person, because with adsense, there is a possibility that you could be scamming Google’s system and earning duplicate income from advertising clicks and impressions. Google states in their terms of services that violators will be banned and held liable for their actions. So be careful when choosing to monetize your site, and only sign up for adsense once.





When using Google’s mailing service you are allowed to create multiple accounts. I have a few different gmail accounts that I use, so creating a few will not get you into any type of trouble with the big G. I do however caution you to be careful when creating too many gmail accounts though, as this may stir up some issues. Try to keep the number of gmail accounts as low as you possibly can, say like two to three. If you end up creating a total of 25 to 100 accounts, you may end up banned. So keep things simple, and keep the number low.



Google Docs


As with gmail, you can create a multiple of these types of accounts, but unlike gmail, where you have to tread carefully on the number of accounts you create, with docs you can create a larger if not unlimited amount of accounts. I myself have plenty and seem to be doing fine, I haven’t seen any warnings by Google, nor has anyone else that I know, that has a multitude of docs accounts.



The Take Home Lessen:


Here is the take home lessen… while there is nowhere on the web that gives an actual amount of accounts that can be created with Google (adsense being the exception, only 1 account), and given that Google does things on a spare of the moment basis, like ban your site just because they felt like you had too many accounts – just keep things simple. If you are planning on signing up for adsense, just use one account, if using gmail for your mailing service, just use one or two accounts. And if you are using other Google products and you’re still skeptical, just give Google a call.

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