What Is The Difference Between An Article And A Blog Post

Today in this lesson I will be talking about articles and blog posts. I will be explaining their differences, or lack thereof.


All over the internet especially in entrepreneur and affiliate marketing, are people telling you to write an article for this, and then write a blog post for that, or sell an article here, but you have to sell a blog post there…? There seems to be a separation when it comes to the two terms.



So Are There Any Differences


This will depend on if you are talking about an article in the sense of a magazine, which is printed offline as pages of paper, or you’re talking about an article in the virtual world, because if we’re talking about an article in the online world, then it’s no different than a blog post. Of course an article in the traditional sense, such as the paper magazine type of article I just mentioned, does differ in many ways, but again, internet articles are no different than a regular post that lives on your blog.



Different Platforms


There are different types of platforms when it comes to an article and a blog post, as I mentioned earlier, a post can live on your blog, thus making it a blog post, while an article can live on an article directory page, thus making it an article.


So if you look at the two in that way, you could say that there is a difference in terminology when it comes to different platforms, but the content on any one of the platforms doesn’t change, therefore still making the article and the blog post the exact same thing. So there’s absolutely no difference between the two in text content, but they do differ in where each one is displayed.


If you were to write a post onto your blog right now, it would be labeled as a blog post, but as soon as you upload it to an article directory, it then becomes an article – according to traditions of article directories.


So while there’s no difference in a blog post, or an article’s written content, there is however a difference when it comes to their platforms, because people label the two based on platform.


While some people may not know that they are labeling based on platform, it clearly shows that’s exactly what they are doing.


Again, there’s no difference in the two terms, there are just differences in their platforms. For instance if you run a website (website being the platform) that you write content on, and you call each content item an article, people are going to consider it as an article, because you announced each content item as an article.


Meanwhile if you consider yourself a blogger and consider yourself as operating a blog (blog being the platform), then people are going to consider each content item that you write or create as a blog post.



Here are 8 ways Blog posts & Articles are the same


  • #1 They are both created via text
  • #2 You can add videos and other media to both
  • #3 You can add SEO keywords to both
  • #4 You can tell a story / your story on both
  • #5 You can or cannot use proper grammar on both
  • #6 You can write an unlimited amount of words on both
  • #7 You can share your personal or business thoughts on both
  • #8 You can make money on both



Why Do People Care


People care to know and understand these terms better for many reasons. One being that this whole concept has become so confusing that writers are unsure whether to write an article or a blog, when in actuality they are both the same thing.


So if you are a writer, or thinking of becoming a writer, know that there are no differences in articles and blog posts, and know that you don’t have to choose between the two… if you do one, then you are automatically doing the other. Therefore it wouldn’t matter which one you chose, so why choose? Because it’s all the same.



In Conclusion


Learn to be your own thinker, I know that it pays to listen to anyone and everyone, but you don’t actually have to follow. Most people, especially online bloggers are just a bunch of bandwagon / cliche people that don’t think for themselves. Learn more about how that works here: how to start a blog


Articles and blog posts are one in the same, while not a lot of people agree or understand that notion, there really isn’t a difference. The only difference is within the platform, not within the written content. Because at the end of the day that’s all an article or a blog post is, it’s just written content.


So while an article directory calls it an article, and a blog owner calls it a blog post, you can call it either one. I said that to say this… you don’t have to know how to write an “article” in order to be able to post content to an article directory. If you are writing blog posts on your blog, then you already know how to write an article, because they’re both the same exact thing, so just post your blog post… aka article to one or more of your favorite article directories, and vice versa, post your articles onto your blog… get it? Meaning that they’re both the same.


I hope I have stressed this point enough and cleared this whole misconception up for the people that are concerned about this topic.



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