Review: Continue Building Traffic To Your Website With Ezinearticles

Many people seem to think that article marketing is dead, especially when it comes to the article marketing network known as, which couldn’t be any further from the truth.



The website still averages about 1 to 2 million monthly visits per month, so correct me if I’m wrong,
but that seems to be a great deed of online traffic. Now, of course you will not receive all of the 1 to 2 million visits per month that gets, but even one percent of that traffic back to your website will be a plus.



Using Your Resources


Ezinearticles has a resource box that allows you to place one or two resource links onto their site. The links that you place inside of the resource box should contain at least one link that refers back to your own live website. Despite what you may have heard in the past, about placing affiliate links inside of the resource area, this doesn’t help you or the article directory site, and it will not help you to sell any affiliate products, so don’t do it.


Resource Box area in



Google’s Indexing


So many people that are either just getting starting in the online marketing world, or have been involved with it for quite some time, seem to think that Google no longer indexes, or no longer considers this article directory as a source, but in actuality, Google indexes ezinearticles and its pages every single day – more than one time a day. So, this seems to me to be worth the while. Many say that Google doesn’t index ezinearticles because they no longer see ezinearticles on every front page of Google’s search results, which is totally normal, because you also no longer see Blogger blog post results on the first pages of Google, and that is Google’s very own blogging platform.


So, don’t go by what you don’t see on the first pages of Google, or what you’ve heard others say, because it’s really a split, between some people saying ezinearticles are still relevant and others saying it is no longer a factor when it comes to Google’s search engine.


In Conclusion


Just sign up and post your articles to ezinearticles directory anyway, and allow yourself to be the judge on whether it still works or not, because if you start and continue posting articles onto their platform, and give it enough time, you will see and know for yourself if it truly still works or not.


Try ezinearticles today:


And don’t forget to try out other article directories. Good luck.


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