An Introduction To Nextwave Affiliate Marketing

It’s no secret that affiliate marketing is changing, so much so, that the old so-called gurus are struggling each and everyday to keep up with the times. Their ways of manipulating Google and whatnot no longer works.




For so long people have been talking about how wrong these so-called gurus have done things, and how their needed to be some sort of evolution brought forth, to end the continuing damage to the affiliate marketer’s name. Honest marketer’s want people to know that not everyone practice scam tactics when it comes to affiliate marketing, and that there can still be trust and friendship among customers and sellers. With that said, today lives a new breed of affiliate marketers – and the name is: Nextwave Affiliate.


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The message is clear, the nextwave affiliate is the next generation of affiliates in the affiliate marketing and blogging world. Long gone are the days of the spammy con affiliate’s failed marketing tactics, and pointless spending habits.


Things like, get traffic in thirty minutes, or make money online as quick as today – these are all the false affiliates ways of doing things, which rarely ever happens (the part about making money, that is), and if it does happen to occur somehow, it’s in the form of spam, and that’s never a good idea.



Nextwave Affiliate To The Rescue


The nextwave affiliate is here to restore all that was lost, due to the con affiliate gurus mistakes and broken trust with customers.


The Definition Of A Nextwave Affiliate


What Is A Nextwave Affiliate?


A nextwave affiliate is an internet and affiliate marketer that produces rich content, promotes product awareness, and provides help to readers that’s seeking some answers to their many questions about how to make money blogging, or affiliate marketing or how to start a blog and so forth.


To help further define what a nextwave affiliate is and does, here is a quick but very informative list:


A Nextwave Affiliate Actions:


  • Focusing on the person not the product.
  • Referring products you’ve used yourself.
  • Producing rich content for readers.
  • Working smarter not harder.



Focusing on the person not the product. In the past everyone kept their eyes on the prize, and at that point in time, that prize was the “product”. Marketers only worried about how new the products were, how much it cost the buyer, and most importantly, how much he or she would make from the sale.


Today (thanks to the nextwave affiliate), things are different, it’s not so much about how much money a product can make you, but more about the type of product the person needs.


If the buyer wants a product that boosts their Alexa rankings, but needs a product that helps their SEO (Search Engine Optimization), then the SEO product is what the nextwave affiliate will sell to them, but not without first explaining that boosting Alexa rankings is a fraudulent act, and they could have their website or blog banned or blacklisted by the new generation of affiliates and bloggers that are out to do the right thing, so committing such an act is pointless.


During all of this, the nextwave affiliate keeps an open mind when explaining how boosting is fraudulent, because the buyer is not the guilty party here, he or she has probably heard somewhere online that boosting things like Facebook likes and Alexa rankings are the way to go, as this has been the norm for quite sometime now.



Referring products you’ve used yourself. In most cases it’s probably not a good idea to refer something to someone that you know absolutely nothing about yourself, customers tend to follow solid information, and if you don’t have any solid details about an item, then chances are you will lose those customers.


The best route to take would perhaps be the “I tried it and liked it route”, this is when you’ve personally tried the product before and liked it. You can then provide a great deed of information about it, you could mention things like: how it works, faster ways to do certain things, how to incorporate it into your everyday life, et cetera.



Producing rich content for readers. Readers are always looking for the best answers to their questions, and for the people they feel are the most trustworthy. If an author continues to put out reliable content, then readers begin to depend on that author more and more for the great content he or she is constantly putting out.


Producing rich content comes easy when you’re only interested in making your readers happy, versus being only interested in quickly throwing words together and hoping to make a speedily product sale.



Working smarter not harder. In recent years, things were all about working harder, making money faster, and selling to as many customers as you possibly could.


But today brings forth a new kind of working style, and that happens to be the style of working smarter. Now, when doing things smarter, you have to take your mind off of making a fast buck, and begin to focus on building a nest egg.


This nest-egg will grow over time, you may not make $1000 today, but why would you want to, because this will more than likely be your last $1000 made, due to the way you’ve earned it.


In the past if a newbie quickly made $1000 or maybe even $2000, he or she undoubtedly scammed their customers, and would lose those customers for life, and also if the product they were scamming with was sold through trusted networks such as Clickbank, then that quick $1000 or $2000 went right back to the customers, and thus becoming a quick $0 for the scammer, given that Clickbank offers a 60day money back guarantee to customers.


Scam marketing and working harder are not the type of things you will be doing as a nextwave affiliate, you will instead perform creative marketing and work smarter. You will get to know your customers, opposed to never even asking someone their first name, you will pre-sell the customer products you have used and trust, opposed to simply trying to do a quick sale with a product no one knows anything about, and you will stay in contact with your customers even after the sale is done, opposed to disappearing from the face of the earth, and never speaking with them again.



How Nextwave Affiliate Began


Probably just like you, I have tried to make money online for many, many years, but I was burnt time after time by the people that claim to be experts in the business.


The so-called experts are all the same, they’re all in the same boat, for the same reason, and that’s to convince you that the only way to make money online is through them, and just like myself at the time, new comers are going to believe them and spend out way too much money, just to fail.


I’ve been burnt by these type of con artists probably 9 times, which seemed like a thousand times, and probably would have been had I not just completely stopped buying their garbage products. I must admit that at the time I was completely desperate and I had hope, and that’s the type of person that they prey on.


Before I knew it, I had tried guru after guru after guru, and I continued to get the same kind or results. So I simply decided to give up.


I was completely ready to throw in the towel, but something happened to me, it was like there was a voice inside of my head that kept telling me to go on, this voice kept me wanting to fight for what I believed in. It was as if quitting was not an option for me anymore – I had to go on.


And that’s exactly what I did


Instead of completely giving up, which I almost did again, after starting and stopping so many times, because of the failed products and promises in the past, I decided to rebuild myself, and I also decided to rebuild the way in which affiliate marketing was being performed.


I just couldn’t see myself continuing to go that same old tired and inaccurate route, following that same 3 step plan that everyone you buy from sells to you. This plan hasn’t changed since over two decades ago. And the saddest part of it all, is that some people are still doing this 3 step process and waiting for results to kick in – any day now.



Here is that same old 3-step plan:


  • 1: Create a website / Start a blog.
  • 2: Find a hot Clickbank product.
  • 3: Find a hot keyword… and that’s it.


Sometimes a step 4 is added, depending on the guru, and the 4th step is to pay for Google adsense, using the hot keyword that you found.


Did this work in the past? Sure it did. Will it work now? Of course not. You will need to do way more than just those few things in order to actually reach an audience or make any money.


I stopped following this process almost as soon as I started following it. I began searching for what worked in the field of affiliate marketing, and I came across some pretty interesting and solid techniques, I then planned to start using them as soon as I was in a good spot, but I didn’t realize how quickly time comes and goes, so a few years ended up passing by and when I did decide to move things along and dive into it head-first, I found out that those once interesting and solid techniques no longer worked.


This was definitely a shock and a setback as well, but I wasn’t about to give up this time. So I had to get creative…


It was clear that I had to figure out how to take the old information from traditional affiliate marketing and breath life back into it, while only focusing on the parts that work, and getting rid of what didn’t work, but then I thought back to what I had recently experienced, and realized that affiliate marketing contains a lot of outdated information, so simply bringing the outdated information back to the surface wouldn’t be enough, I mean old information is not all that reliable, given how quickly technology is always changing, so what works today, may no longer work the following year, that’s just how quickly some technology changes in this field.


I decided that I would only use the information that’s traditional and timeless in the field, subjects such as guest blogging, forum marketing, creating websites and blogs, etc., seems to fit that description, so I figured out a way to add depth and connect my personal experiences with it all.


This is exactly what nextwave affiliate does, it makes each subject of the traditional affiliate marketing methods more effective and a little bit more easier to follow, and also makes it more precise.


That is it, that’s my story, that is how nextwave affiliate was born. It all started out by me being deceived over and over again by the gurus.


What’s a little ironic here is that, if it wasn’t for me being scammed by these cold hearted people, I probably would have never tried so hard to prove to myself that there is still hope in the affiliate marketing, blogging, and making money online categories.


I guess you could say that I took the negative that they placed upon me, and turned it into a positive.


So I say, thank you, to all the no good gurus out there, thank you for helping me to create nextwave affiliate, because not only was I able to help myself, but I am now helping others.



Why Become A Nextwave Affiliate


  • Independence – Becoming a nextwave affiliate means to break free from the limited teachings provided by the other guys, here, there are no limitations. You can grow your website or blog as big as you wish to, opposed to being limited and placed inside of a box that doesn’t allow you much room to grow, due to lack of information upon how to grow in knowledge, and move your site forward.


  • Easier learning – Learn how to make money blogging as a blogger, in little to no time at all. You will also learn how to start a blog of your own, that you can grow from scratch to a professional one. But why would it stop there? You’ll be taught how to monetize your site through affiliate marketing, digital marketing, advertising and more. You will learn to easily boost your site traffic with great SEO techniques. And that’s not even a tip of the iceberg, there is a whole lot more that you will learn.


  • Timely Success – In all cases, it’s always about success – being successful. This is the main goal to anything that you do in life, but there are some cases where success can take quite a while. Now I’m not saying that success is something that can or should be rushed, but I am saying that if you can legitimately and honestly get there faster, why not do it? Affiliate marketing happens to be one of the working fields that you can become successful in, in little to no time at all.



How To Become A Nextwave Affiliate


You can become a nextwave affiliate by simply registering here: Registration, for the cost of absolutely free.


Things you will learn inside:


– practicing legitimate and green affiliate marketing methods, such as always being honest with your clients, providing only accurate and thoroughly researched information before presenting it to anyone.


– analyzing your marketing methods, being sure that each one works as well as you say it does.


– creating likable topics, no matter what field you’re in right now, whether it be growing plants, raising cattle, fly fishing, etc., you have to provide great topics that people will want more of.


– using tools, fun facts and great tips provided by your peers that will help you to further your career as a nextwave affiliate, as a blogger and as an entrepreneur in general.



How Much Will It Cost Me?


To become a nextwave affiliate is absolutely free of charge, you pay nothing to us in cash, but what you could do is pay it forward – spread forth the things you learn about during your nextwave experience.


How Much Money Will I Make?


There is no absolute number that I can place on the amount of money you may earn, but neither is there a cap that comes with it. You could earn as little, or as much as you would want. I do know that if you apply yourself just a little, you could see some pretty good results, and if you apply yourself a lot, then you will of course see even greater results. In other words, the more you put into it, the more you’re going to get out of it.


Remember as a nextwave affiliate, it’s all about working smarter and not working yourself too hard, but if you have a little extra time to put into your project without stress, then by all means, do a little more work and get more results, but if you only have an hour or two to put in per day, then that’s fine as well, you’ll still be years ahead of the scammer affiliates.



In Closing


What you have learned here today is that, you do not have to be a victim, you don’t have to live inside of any box – you have choices. There is a such thing as control, and you, whether you’re a complete beginner, or been on the inside for a while, are in total control of your destiny.


There may not have been any real sources in the past, that you’ve come across, or know of, but today brings forth the light that you have awaited to shine for so long… wait no more… become a nextwave affiliate today.


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