Affiliate Marketing With Only One Product

The art of selling just one product online at a time is something that more people need to pay attention to, instead of trying to become this super seller and burning out before you can even begin.


When it comes to affiliate marketing everyone seems to think that you are supposed to be this person that has 100’s of thousands of visitors coming to your site every month and you’re suppose to be selling somewhere around 5 to 10 different products on your site, but this couldn’t be any further from the truth – that is of course if you’re in it for the long haul.


I’m speaking upon being an affiliate marketer and selling other people’s products by the way, I’m not talking about your very own product or products.



Affiliates that label themselves as this vast type of seller usually burns out and falls off of the face of the earth. If you’re wondering why they disappear then I’d have to say that they have ran out of money, patience or came to the realization that trying to sell too many things in so little time is like being in a hurry to run into a brick wall. Because that’s exactly what these type of sellers do, they always crash and burn in the end.


I’m not saying that there’s not any bloggers and affiliates online that aren’t successful in selling multiple products, because there are many, but what I am saying is that not everyone will be able to do so, especially if you are just starting out.



So what do you do?



Simple… you start with just one product, you sell the heck out of that product until your audience don’t want to see it anymore, then you move onto the next one and blow that product up – so to speak.




5 Reasons It’s Always Better To Sell 1 Product


Selling products period, is always a hassle when beginning, and selling too many too fast is a nightmare, so starting with one is the best way to go. Below are five reasons you should sell only one product.



  • 1. Saves time – You will save a tremendous amount of time by sticking to just one product, as multiple products would require a lot more of your attention.


  • 2. Easier to learn – You can easily learn about the one product that you’re selling, a whole lot quicker than having to learn about how a multitude of products acts and works.


  • 3. Easier to sell – It is definitely easier to sell one product versus selling six, because potential customers will be a little less confused about which product to buy from you.


  • 4. Credibility – By claiming to only know of and trust one product you become credible in the eyes of your most important people online – your customers.


  • 5. More money – Believe it not, but by selling just one product you can make more money versus selling nine or ten products. The key is knowledge, if you know a lot about this one product but know absolutely nothing about the other nine products then people won’t buy the nine products from you, but they may purchase that one that you seem to know and understand a lot more about.



Remember this, while it may be easy to simply sign up with this product, that product, the next and every new product that comes along, it’s not always easy to give truthful and honest reasons as to why you are referring someone to all of these products, besides the fact that you are trying to earn as many affiliate commissions as you possibly can, but of course you’re not going to tell anyone this now are you? So why be dishonest with anyone, just do it right, and sell just one product at a time. It could take a little time, but trust me it will be worth it.



Where To Get A Product


You can get your product from anywhere on the web where someone that has a product is offering affiliate commissions, but the safest place to get a product from would have to be an affiliate marketing network. These networks offer both the merchant (the product owner) and the affiliate (that’s you) security and guarantees.


Affiliate networks take all of the guessing and hard work out of the equation and bring everyone together for a very specific reason, and that reason is for you and the merchant to sell a product.



Here are some networks you can check out:




Check out each one of these networks and decide which one you’d like to try out. Find a (just one) product that suits your needs and sign up as an affiliate for it. After everything is said and done, start promoting the product that you chose on your site.


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