Affiliate Marketing Tips Strategies And Steps

Today I would like to go over a few but great affiliate marketing tips, strategies and steps with you all. So let’s begin.


Alright let us just dive head first into it all… we are going to first go over a few great tips in affiliate marketing that will help you as a marketer, then we’re going to cover some strategies and steps to take on each tip.



10 Killer Affiliate Marketing Tips


  • tip #1: Choose a great network
  • tip #2: Know your product
  • tip #3: Know your merchant
  • tip #4: Target your buyers
  • tip #5: Write quality content
  • tip #6: Always nofollow your affiliate links
  • tip #7: Minimize your amount of affiliate links
  • tip #8: Be persistent
  • tip #9: Be patient
  • tip #10: Be grateful



Now that we have seen all ten excellent tips, let’s cover the strategies and steps on each tip.


Strategies and steps for tip #1: Choose a great network – When trying to find an affiliate marketing network you need to look for certain qualities that match your needs, like the type of niche you’re in, the type of products you’re into, the type of merchants the network works with, etc. Most networks can be found by simply doing a search on Google for the term: “affiliate marketing networks”. Remember, only choose the one that meets your needs.


Strategies and steps for tip #2: Know your product – It is always a safest bet to only promote the products that you are the most familiar with. If you have used a product in the past and know a lot about it, and you also loved it, then this is probably a product that you would want to be partnered up with. There’s no doubt that you’d succeed, because you wouldn’t have to struggle in thought when it comes to knowledge about the product and explaining to your followers how it all works and why they should buy it.


Strategies and steps for tip #3: Know your merchant – While some networks do all that they can to prevent bad quality products from being inserted into their systems, there are still some cases where a few bad products are on display, and you just might end up partnering with and selling that bad product by some bad and dishonest merchant. A way to avoid this would be to study the merchant, get to know him or her, ask questions, do research… do all of the above until you feel comfortable enough to become an affiliate for this person, because even if the merchant cares nothing about their reputation – reputation is all you have, so you cannot let some con destroy it.


Strategies and steps for tip #4: Target your buyers – When it comes to reeling in potential buyers, you must understand that not everyone is a customer. Some people are just visitors and plan on being nothing more than that. So trying to convert them is a complete waste of time. You instead need to focus on the people that are interested in buying what you have to sell. You can easily find these focused buyers in social media places like facebook talking about how they need some sort of product to help them with this or that, these are your customers.


Strategies and steps for tip #5: Write quality content – As we all know “content is king” so writing constant quality content will definitely place your site in the running with some of the bigger players in the game. It doesn’t matter how much traffic everyone else tries to buy, if you continue to put out quality content, your site will be at the top of search engines results in the organic aisle, while everyone else sites are on the side labeled as ads


Strategies and steps for tip #6: Always nofollow your affiliate links – When using affiliate links on your blog you should always remember to add the nofollow attribute to each link that is placed on your site. Because search engines like Google don’t trust these type of links at all, so in order to tell Google and the gang that you are not passing this merchant’s (the product owner) site any link-juice, you need to include the nofollow attribute inside of the link that points to the merchant’s product.


Strategies and steps for tip #7: Minimize your affiliate links – It is never a good idea to place affiliate links all over your site, your site should mainly be content based, with a few images here and there, maybe a couple of videos, but never should there be an enormous amount of affiliate links on it. I think just one affiliate link for one affiliate product will suffice.


Strategies and steps for tip #8: Be persistent – In a field like affiliate marketing, the going is going to get very tough, you can quote me on that, but this doesn’t mean that there isn’t any hope for you, because all you have to do in order to solve this little problem is remain focused and active. Just keep doing what you are doing – keep putting out that quality content, keep reaching out to readers… just don’t stop!


Strategies and steps for tip #9: Be patient – After all is said and done you need to just relax and give everything time to happen. If it hasn’t happened over the next two weeks don’t worry, just remember tip number #8 – be persistent. As long as you’re doing everything that you are supposed to do, you will be fine, just have a little bit of faith in yourself and have a little bit of patients.


Strategies and steps for tip #10: Be grateful – Some affiliates are all too unhappy when they don’t see the results they were hoping for, like making at least 500 affiliate sales over the next 3 months, or something like that, but even if one made 200 affiliate sales within a 3 month period would be a bit of a success, in my opinion. I think people want things too fast and in too big of numbers, sometimes it’s just good to be grateful for the amount of sales that you do have – keep in mind that almost 90% of affiliates are making 0 sales.



I hope this lesson has helped you on your journey… until next post.


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