8 Top Affiliate Marketing Tips That Make You Money

I have put together some of the best affiliate marketing tips for you to use before or after you start your website.


I’m not going to go into what is affiliate marketing and such, in this post. I assume you already know what that is, but if there’s any chance that you do not, then here’s a thorough explanation: what is affiliate marketing The affiliate tips that you will see here actually helps you to make an online income if you are not yet making any money with your site or product.



8 Great Affiliate Marketing Tips


Here are your eight great tips for making money or increasing the amount that you are already making.


1)Finding your true niche



2)Being Yourself & Standing out



3)Communicating with Readers



4)Becoming an authority affiliate



5)Building a targeted list



6)Pre-selling your market



7)Knowing Your Merchant



8) Choosing the right affiliate product


You’ve just seen a list of tips that will benefit your affiliate career. But now let’s go a little further into depth and find out what each tip is, and how exactly do you use it.



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1)Finding your true niche. Finding the type of niche you really enjoy being a part of ignites the brain and motivates you into taking action and becoming more engaged in the work itself. Otherwise you would become bored and burn out quickly. So, to sum this tip up, you make money by choosing a niche you have passion for. Remember, when you’re making money doing something you love, you never work a day in your life.



2)Being yourself and standing out. One of the most important things you can possibly due in the marketing world is simply be yourself. While a lot of affiliates come off as robotic and by the book, it is best that you just be you. For instance, if you are writing a blog post for your site, don’t try to write five-thousand words or more as the gurus suggest, or use the keyword density rule(count the number of words in your post and divide the number of times your keywords are shown by those words, then multiply that number by 100), you can actually write a good 800 to 2000 word article and be just fine. Sometimes less is more. And the more humanized your content is the more people trust you, and with trust and time comes a product sold.



3)Communicating with readers. At some point in time you will get readers to your site, whether you have a subscriber list or not, if you are writing posts and putting your site out there, people will begin to show up, and if you allow comments on your site, and it will, then some people are going to leave you a message about your posts, especially if it helped him or her solve their problem. When this happens, which I now understand, you should respond to them within the comments section. Even if it’s just to say thanks or I appreciate it, but it’s better to fully engage into the conversation. This let’s current and new readers know that you will respond if they leave a comment on your posts.



4)Becoming an authority affiliate. Anyone can become an affiliate marketer and snatch a product from an affiliate network, but only those that are separated from the typical crowds are going to make a sale. While this seems to be easier said than done, at the same token it is not all that hard to do. The first step is to study your competition in your field, see what other affiliate marketers are doing that works, and don’t duplicate them but rather dominate them. Do something they’re not doing, and trust me there’s always something your competition is leaving out, and that’s where you need to slide in and separate yourself. Become the go-to affiliate that everyone knows and trusts, by always being honest, direct, and helpful – even if they’re not asking about the product you’re promoting. This will land you in the trustworthy category, thus making you an authority figure, which in the long run will bring you thousands of sales.



5)Building A Targeted List. A great way to get buyers is to have them on your subscriber list, the old cliche saying is and always will ring true… “The-Money-Is-In-The-List”. The more prospects you have on your signup list the greater the percentage of conversions. So if you have 1000 people on your list, there’s a possibility that a good 10% percent of those people will buy your affiliate product(which will be a total of 100 buyers), and if  you get around 10,000 people on the list, at a 10% percent conversion, then you could be talking about a total of 1000 products sold. Not bad at all, especially if your commission is around $48.5. Now multiply your commission of $48.5 by the 1000 sales and that equals = $48,500. Yep, that number is forty-eight thousand and five-hundred dollars.


6)Pre-selling your market. The key to selling anything in any business is always about the pre-sell. How good is your butter-me-up game? Most buyers want to be catered to, and if you can do that correctly then you will undoubtedly sell a product to the people of your market. The key is to never shove a product down anyone’s throat or keep pushing it into anyone’s face but instead simply present the opportunity(in this case it’s an affiliate product), and allow them to make their own decision. Do this tip and you’re sure to increase your sales.



7)Knowing Your Merchant. Before you start selling any merchant’s product for him or her, be sure that the person is not a professional scammer that no one trusts. Sometimes a quick Google search can tell you all you need to know about merchants. Just type their names into Google’s search engine, also try typing in the title of the product, and you can also try some of the local blogs and forums – ask around about the person and product. If nothing scam worthy comes back about the product or merchant then you should be good to go. Never let a bad name of a merchant tarnish your name as a seller.



8)Choosing The Right Affiliate Product. Just as you should choose a good merchant, you should also choose a good product. Now if you are thinking that you don’t have to worry about the product if the merchant is trusted or new, then I have to tell you that you are wrong. Sometimes a new merchant can be just putting a product out there. Sure his or her intentions may be good but the product could be bad. That also goes for a trusted merchant, some people may know and love their product but what if it’s a steep learning curve type of product and your clients just aren’t into that? The best way to solve this issue is to choose a great product, one that will practically sell itself. But how do you find this gem? You have to ask merchants for copies of the product, or a test run, or you could buy the product yourself but keep in mind that you can’t buy every product on the market so be careful and make sure that the product you decide to buy appears to have everything you need, and everything your clients need as well.


Follow these tips with your affiliate site and you are sure to make some money. Remember, I am only referring to just one affiliate product, you can add more as you go along, therefore you stand to make even more cash.


Good luck, and I’ll see you in the next post.

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