17 Things To Never Do In Affiliate Marketing

It seems like everyone is an expert in affiliate marketing these days but the truth of the matter is that they-are-not.


Too often are amateurs playing professionals because they read a few blogs online, and that’s fine but the problem comes in when they try to teach other newcomers how it all works, landing the newcomers in a pile of mess. Today I wanted to present some of the bad marketing methods that you should stay away from.



1. Never rely on Blogger as a lifetime platform


Always remember that if you run a free blog on Blogger, Google can delete your Blogger account at any given time. If you are strapped for cash, and need a place to start, then Blogger is fine, but depend on it for the long-haul.



2. Don’t buy clicks to your site from places like Fiverr


Buying traffic clicks from people will not get you ahead, if anything it will put you behind everyone else. Believe me I have already tried and tested this method. What happened to my site was that it’s bounce rate went sky-high. Somewhere around 99% percent. So don’t buy this type of traffic, build traffic organically.



3. Don’t buy subscribers for your list


When it comes to getting subscribers onto your list, don’t deal with people that want to sell you their old lists, the subscribers on those lists are either not real or not at all interested in what you or the previous list owner have to say or sell. Build your own list so that the subscribers know what they are getting into, and who’s list they are on. This is the only way they will be interested in anything you have to say.



4. Don’t ever spend money to join a network


Affiliate marketing networks are free to join, so if you ever come across a network that is asking you to sign up as an affiliate marketer for a cost, you need to continue seeking networks. There is no reason for you to be spending out any of your hard earned money just to sell someone esle’s product for them. So, connect with only free affiliate networks. CJ is a good place to start.



5. Don’t use traffic exchange


Traffic exchange sites or programs are never a good idea to use because the traffic is never targeted. The people you are being introduced to are never really interested in you or your product, they often want to sell you a product instead – they want to offer you a product at a discount if you would just click through their affiliate link for them in return.



6. Don’t use outdated marketing tactics.


If you come across a post online that is mentioning the same exact tactics and methods that other posts are including, and if you have seen these methods being used some years ago, chances are, these are old tactics and probably no longer work the same, if at all.



7. Don’t fill your website with affiliate links


Using affiliate links and stuffing your site with affiliate links are too different things. Adding an affiliate link or two o your site is OK, but adding 30 affiliate links or more is just way too many, especially if you have a small website that you are using.



8. Don’t be purposefully misleading


If you tell one of your prospects that a certain product is great and will as good as the creator claimed it would, and you yourself haven’t tested this product in any way, then you are indeed being misleading. I know that many affiliates search the product online to see if there are any bad reviews but even if there aren’t any, it’s still not a good idea for you to suggest that the product works if you haven’t personally been involved with it.



9. Don’t promote a product just because of the money


Too often, affiliates make their decision upon which product to promote based solely on how much money they’re going to get from the sale. I’m not saying don’t try to extract as much money as you can from a sale, I’m just saying make sure that you are doing it in good consciousness. Make sure the product is good to go. Try testing it first.



10. Don’t rush success


Don’t rush the success of your site. Selling 100’s of products a month takes time. You cannot rush sales to come your way, you have to grow your base and allow time to take its course.



11. Don’t promote any MLM(Multi Level Marketing) products.


MLM has always been known as the pyramid scheme of the web. No one today is going to buy a product from you if he or she know that you are promoting a MLM program. Almost every customer that signs up with these types of programs are scammed, so never involve yourself with these types of networks.



12. Never allow your website or blog to just sit around


If you aren’t keeping your site up to date then you are allowing your site to fall behind of everyone else. You have to keep your site active so that it doesn’t become stale, outdated and unfavored. Google will stop indexing it and whatever visitors you had coming to the site will stop coming by. This isn’t going to help you make any money, so always post fresh content to your site, fix your broken links and keep the site in an active state.



13. Never doubt yourself.


Self doubt is something that we all go through, no one has ever reached the finish line without first doubting that they would ever even make it half way through. The key here is to stay focused on the goal that comes at the end of the race. But before you can reach that goal, you have to first “just-do-it”. Just get in there and make it happen.



14. Never choose a niche because of the money.


When choosing a niche to go into, always choose one because you have some sort of passion for it. Most people go wrong when they choose a niche strictly for the money, and when the money doesn’t come they get discouraged and give up. So, stick to what you know and love, and the money will soon come.



15. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes


Making a mistake here or there is a part of life, so it will naturally occur from time to time. I have been involved with affiliate marketing now for about 10 years and I still make mistakes. It’s never about the mistake that you make, but more about the lesson that you take away from the mistake. So make your mistakes, but learn from each one of them.



16. Never purchase PLR(Private Label Rights) content


Google has caught on to this type of content and now has banned certain blogs that practice this way of writing. If you are still using or considering the old out of date PLR way of affiliate marketing, then you are either new, which is good that you are here reading this post, or you are learning from the gurus. PLR content hasn’t worked since the early 2000’s, so be unique and original when deciding on how the content for your site will be created and used.



17. Never take just anyone’s advise


Free advice is everywhere today, on search engines, social networks, blogs, etc., one would think that free advice is the best advice, but in reality not all free advice is free, because sometimes you pay a price for using free advice, because it sets you up for failure.


Just because someone tells you that you should use 100 header-one tags(h1) in your content does not mean that you should. Always do your research first and never trust anyone’s advice just because it’s free. Find a few good people that give proven advice and follow them.



I hope this list has helped you to avoid the don’t do’s in your career. If you need more information on affiliate marketing. See the links below.


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